Tornado Hits Louisiana, Troops Sent to Ukraine, People Could Live to 150

Tornado Strikes New Orleans

A tornado touched down Tuesday night in St. Bernard Parish and Lacombe, causing damage in areas that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina as well as killing two people and causing multiple injuries to others. The tornado started from multiple storms throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

Louisiana activated 300 National Guard personnel on Wednesday.

Map of the NOAA tornado report from March 23, 2022
Map of the NOAA tornado report from March 23, 2022

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NATO to OK “Major Increase” of Troops to Ukraine

In Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s most recent video, he said that about 100,000 people are still stuck in the city of Mariupol under a “complete blockade” under “inhumane conditions.” The President is calling for more pressures against Russia as the war appears to be in a stalemate.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance’s leaders are expected to commit “major increases” in troops on Thursday.

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People born in 2070s could live to be 150

Anti-aging experts say in new research that the slowing down process of aging could be within the grasp of scientists so much so that those who are born within the next generations could live to see their 150th birthdays. Reverse-aging technology may slash the time people spend in age-related ill-health, as scientists have managed to partially rest mice cells to “more youthful states.”

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