Commission Hero 2.0 Reviews – Ripoff Report or Robby Blanchard’s Training Really Works?

Commission Hero 2.0 by Robby Blanchard is a training program that teaches how to make money through affiliate marketing. Those who are familiar with Commission hero before would be happy to know that it is an upgraded version of the same program with more information, new software, and better training on generating profit, as mentioned on the official website.

This new program version is only available for those who register during the launching period, after which it may not be available. Just to make it clear, the new Commission Hero 2.0 2021 is not a one-button click solution that could make you rich. It is an informative program that teaches the tools which you can use to earn this money for yourself.

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The older version of this program was launched nearly two years ago and gained huge popularity and success. It has helped so many people learn the right tools, offers, and ways to master Facebook ads. According to the official website, most of these Commission Hero students and members were able to earn nearly $26,000 (average) only within 2020, which is a lot more than the average salary in a developed country. Watching so many people using this training to earn money, it appears that Robby Blanchard is definitely teaching something worth learning.

commission hero 2.0

Obviously, there is no such thing as easy money, but if there is proper training that guides you where to start and how to get going, it can become super easy. If you believe that you can’t earn money online, this Commission Hero 2.0 review may change your mind. Continue reading how much it costs and where to buy Commission Hero 2.0 online.

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Commission Hero 2.0 Review – What Makes It Worth Buying?

Commission Hero 2.0 by Robby Blanchard is a program that focuses on teaching users how to earn money online while sitting in the comfort of home. As stated on the official website, it revolves around the concept of affiliate marketing and helps users develop a basic to an advanced level understanding of it. The creator and the mastermind behind this program i.e. Robby believes that with the proper use of the 3-step method explained in this program, everyone can expect to earn up to $1000 per day.

It may sound unbelievable but once you start learning how it all works, the Commission Hero 2.0 program can give you many reasons to believe it. As stated on its official platform, the biggest proof of its authenticity is the fact that Robby Blanchard who was once broke and penniless is now earning thousands of dollars every day and shares the rank among the most successful affiliate marketers in the U.S. He then compiled all his tricks and made it super easy for a person who has never tried affiliate marketing before. According to his promises, everyone can earn at least $1000 per day, if they use the Commission Hero 2.0 strategy.

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The Commission Hero 2.0 course includes a three-step guide from basic to advanced level. After receiving this training, it only requires finding an offer that may bring them at least 50% commission on every sale. The program also explains some amazing advertising techniques on Facebook handling, creation of the landing pages, affiliate content writing, and commission generation on every sale. Further, it also targets to teach the users how to use paid Facebook ads in their best interest.

All information is taught to the users with the help of video-based messages that come with every subscription to Commission Hero 2.0. On the back end, it also adds every user to a Facebook group that contains nearly 1500 members of CH Pro, including the creator, Robby himself, to share expert tips and latest trends. You can ask direct questions, even after completing the training and find answers from Robby and other gurus.

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Who is Robby Blanchard?

At this point, a lot of people might be wondering why to choose the Commission Hero 2.0 2021 when there are many other similar programs out in the market. What sets this system apart is that it goes back to the very roots of affiliate marketing to help users achieve their dreams.

Robby Blanchard is the person who has created the Commission Hero 2.0 program. Initially, he started as a fitness coach and his journey was going smooth but eventually, he came across financial issues which left him bankrupt. But instead of losing hope, Robby didn’t let this failure break him. He started searching for alternative ways to generate money mainly through online business even without having any previous experience in it.

The first website which grabbed his attention was where he came across various engaging offers, giving him some percentage of the commission, in exchange for advertising and promotions. Let’s just accept that he got a little lucky and was able to go through all this, with no training or information to help him. Eventually, he started giving this affiliate marketing more time, energy and effort, hoping to learn how to make a convincing offer. After some years of ups and downs, he was finally able to create his own strategy, gaining up to 80% ROI with his strategy.

After he became a top Affiliate seller on ClickBank, he came up with the idea of using his knowledge, experience, and information to create a training program which was released under the name of Commission Hero affiliate program. The Commission Hero 2.0 course is a continuation of this program that is likely to cover more information and provide better guidance to all interested users.

How Does Commission Hero 2.0 Work? Step By Step Guide To CH Pro Modules

To start with, the Commission Hero 2.0 course has ten modules, each of which targets a different thing. It also includes various bonuses and some additional resources for all trainees. Here is information about its modules and what you would learn from them.

Commission Hero 2.0 Module One- Introduction and Getting Started

This is the basic yet hardest module which helps build an understanding of affiliate marketing and earn money from it. It teaches everything from the start, such as what affiliate marketing is, who it is for, how to start working, etc. Here are a few things that would learn in this basic module.

  • Info on affiliate marketing: what is it, how does it work, how does it bring money, etc.
  • Info on accounts: advertising platforms and resources, i.e., Facebook
  • Usage of ClickFunnels: a tool used to promote sales encouraging random visitors to become buyers.
  • Details about ClickBank: how to find products to sell and earn a profit, how to advertise them and how to make new customers.
  • Info about MaxWeb: it is a new affiliate market and an alternative to ClickBank

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Commission Hero 2.0 Module Two- Right Offers

Even if you have a basic understanding of how affiliate marketing works, choosing the right offers can either make or break your career. In addition to the commission earned, picking these products requires extra care because the customers won’t buy anything that is not reliable. If you choose a bad product, not only will you lose your customers but also not get any profit if the customers choose to get a refund. In this case, all your money spent on ads would go wasted.

Module two of the Commission Hero 2.0 program acknowledges all this and focuses on teaching the following.

  • Choosing suitable, reliable, and high-quality products that ensure high sales and no risk of returns/refunds.
  • Finding an offer that meets your requirements on ClickBank as well as MaxWeb and A4D.
  • Selection of a product and using it as an affiliate product.

Commission Hero 2.0 Module Three- Ad Image Finding

The most important part of Commission Hero 2.0 is to use paid Facebook ads in your best interest. For that, the image displayed on the ad carries the highest value. In the third module, you will learn how to find a relevant image that increases your chances of sales. First, determine what should be a part of this ad image, and secondly, look for a designer at any freelance website or community to get a customized image for the Facebook ads.

Module Four – Landing Page Setting

A landing page receives all the traffic that is generated using Facebook ads, social media handles, guest posts, and other sources. All these people would only be interested in your product or page if the landing page is clear, compelling, and catchy.

This module of the Commission Hero 2.0 course explains:

  • ClickFunnel registration– using ClickFunnels helps build a better landing page for the traffic.
  • Setting up a domain and affiliate links management– establishing these links helps to form affiliate links through which the customers buy any product.
  • PHP landing page– it further explains how to set up the PHP landing pages so that you maintain control over the landing page.

Commission Hero 2.0 Module Five- Facebook Page

Blanchard suggests using Facebook ads to ensure Clickbank success. However, generating Facebook ads is not a piece of cake, especially if a person is new to social media use.

Module five of CH Pro teaches the following.

  • How does Facebook business manager work?
  • How to build a Facebook fan page?
  • Information about Facebook campaigns and ads
  • How to build a custom audience for these Facebook ads?

In addition to these, this module also helps understand how to evaluate your Facebook campaign and make further efforts to improve it.

Commission Hero 2.0 Module Six- Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixels make it easier to target clients who would surely be interested in buying your product. Basically, it is a small-sized pixel that is added to a page and used to track the information from any Facebook page. This way, when any person accesses a landing page through Facebook, this pixel loads and saves that user’s data. This is 100% legal and ethical because it only makes Clickbank management easier. It doesn’t use this data otherwise.

This module of the Commission Hero 2.0 affiliate program helps users learn how to install this single Facebook pixel and how to connect it with the Clickbank account.

Commission Hero 2.0 Module Seven- Campaign tracking

It is a known fact that there is no way to progress your performance without keeping a watchful eye on the business as a whole. Evaluation of the campaigns helps maintain the cost per acquisition (CPA) and return on investment (ROI) of every user and every campaign. This record helps to improve the campaign strategy.

Commission Hero 2.0 program acknowledges it; hence, inside its seventh module, you can get to know about the following.

  • How to track spreadsheets?
  • How to install these tracking links?

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Commission Hero 2.0 Module Eight- Scaling of the business

Once a person starts earning money from affiliate marketing, the next thing that may hit his mind is expanding this work. The question of turning a small profit into a bigger one requires strategic improvements, choosing high-profit products, and understanding the marketing trends. All this is unachievable without some help, and thankfully, Robby Blanchard has added one whole module in this Commission Hero 2.0 that can help with this purpose.

Commission Hero 2.0 Module Nine- Ninja Tactics

Affiliate marketing is not something that has never been done before. There might be thousands of people struggling with their businesses, and the only way which increases the chances of a person’s success is the use of unique strategies, plans, and tactics. Here, in this Commission Hero module, you can get to know about some advanced strategies designed by Blanchard himself, which may help understand the following.

  • How to contact other affiliates?
  • Use of Amex card
  • Facebook ads
  • Account issues, i.e., shutdown management

Commission Hero 2.0 Module Ten – Bonus items

The last module in CH Pro contains bonus items for everyone. Although it is not mandatory, having this extra stuff can make this training even better. It has various materials that Robby has tried and tested in many of his campaigns. These materials are likely to make this whole effort of affiliate marketing better. Some of these materials are as follows.

  • A landing page swipe file (powered by ClickFunnels) by Robby
  • Landing page swipe file (PHP) by Robby
  • How to have the right mindset to get success in affiliate marketing
  • Images: where do you find the best ones?
  • CPA

What is New in Commission Hero 2.0 Program 2021?

People who have already tried the Commission Hero affiliate program might be wondering how its updated version i.e. Commission Hero 2.0 is any different from it. According to the company, here is what makes it different:

  • Multiple Traffic Sources

While the original program emphasized traffic generation via Facebook, the new CH Pro version comes with three new traffic sources which include Native Ads, YouTube Ads, and Free traffic. But how does it make things better anyway? By introducing the element of diversification.

Diversification is extremely important in the field of affiliate marketing so that if one of your traffic sources burns out, you have other options to turn to. This can also protect your online business and keep you from losing customers.

  • New And Better Software

The Commission Hero 2.0 program also provides access to much more software including Quiz Builder. Moreover, it includes new tools for ad creation, compliance checks, Facebook postings, and a lot more.

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Is CH Pro Only Useful For US Customers?

According to, the Commission Hero 2.0 course is suitable for everyone, no matter where they live. However, it is necessary to double-check the availability of Clickbank and Facebook ads accounts in your area before making your mind on joining this training. For best, it is better to create both accounts first and see if they are available in your country/area. If they are available, you can invest your time and effort into learning the advanced affiliate marketing tools explained by CH Pro.

What Is Inside The Commission Hero 2.0 Affiliate Program?

If you choose to sign up for CH Pro today, you can get access to the following.

  • 6 Week Live Master Class

You can get direct coaching, information about the resources, and many software accesses to kickstart your affiliate marketing career. This training would last for eight weeks, and everything inside this training can increase your chances to be a pro even without any background information about affiliate marketing. By the end of this training, there is a high likelihood that you are generating daily income.

  • Tools

You will find more custom-built shortcuts and tools that can help you make a start at an affiliate business. These tools work on making it easy to write the ad and identify the potential clients to get more profit.

  • PRO Quiz Hero Software

This software included in the Commission Hero 2.0 program provides convertible templates to build landing pages without any further training.

  • Million Dollar Offer Vault

This item reveals the real deals that can help you convert small profits to bigger ones, earning more sales commission.

  • The Traffic Money Machine

It is a step-by-step guide that explains how to get more profitable traffic to your products and pages.

  • Rapid Scale Training

This training can make it easy to scale up the business and multiply the profits, earning a lot more money than the original profit.

  • Commission Hero 2.0 Community

Here you can expect to get full support from the whole CH Pro community. You can directly ask questions to Robby and the team and help to get big gains.

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Where To Buy Commission Hero 2.0? Information About Its Pricing And Payment

You can sign up for the Commission Hero 2.0 training program online through its official website here. It only requires a one-time payment of $2497, but you can also choose to buy it in three installments ($997.00 each), each to be paid after one month. At first, it may look expensive, but Robby ensures that you can earn all this money back within a few weeks or months. If it doesn’t work for you, you can get a full refund.

Signing up right now would also give you the following

  • Access to the next virtual event
  • $100K DFY Campaigns
  • My Personal Ad Library
  • 7 Figure DFY Copy Swipe Files
  • *BONUS MODULE* – Million Dollar Inside Training
  • *BONUS MODULE* – The Commission Hero Card
  • Money-back guarantee by ClickBank and Robby

Commission Hero 2.0 Reviews – Is It Worth It?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get a chance to earn money while never having to leave your home? Not having to worry about budgeting and paying bills or ever having to face financial anxiety? While it sure sounds like a life everyone wishes for, for most of the people out there, it is just a dream that is impossible to achieve. A comfortable life is what everyone wants but to actually work towards achieving it is something not a lot of people know how to do.

However, given the recent advancements in the field of online business and marketing, a lot of opportunities have emerged for such people. One of these opportunities is to earn money via affiliate marketing, and one potential way to understand how you can exactly achieve it is by enrolling yourself in the Commission Hero 2.0 program.

Commission Hero 2.0 training program seems like a legit course, as confirmed by many customer reviews and testimonials from real people who have already received training through its initial program as well as the Commission Hero reviews available online. Though individual results may vary, This version is an advanced version of the original program, and there are high chances that it will multiply the benefits even more.

Among all other affiliate marketing training programs, Commission Hero 2.0 teach users about the latest tools to earn legitimate money online, with no investment in buying any product, storing it, or selling. Its price may be higher, but considering the value of information that it provides, direct access, and updates provides, this amount can be justified.

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