Applebee’s Executive Suggests Cutting Employee Pay Due To Gas Prices, CODA’s First Streaming Service Best Picture, Louisiana’s Worker Shortage

Applebee’s Executive Sent Email Suggesting Cutting Employee’s Pay

Applebee’s franchise chain’s top executive Wayne Pankratz sent an email to his colleagues this month on the rising gas prices stating that they are an “advantage” for the chain and would make “our employee base and potential employee base live paycheck to paycheck.” Pankratz argued that the chain will be able to lower its wages and encouraged his colleagues to do so as people will be cash-strapped and have no choice but to take food-service jobs.

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CODA first movie from streaming service to win Best Picture

CODA became the first film from a streaming service to win Best Picture at the Oscars last night. The Apple TV Plus Show, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last year, follows the struggles of Ruby Rossi (played by Emilia Jones) as the only hearing member in a deaf family. CODA’s Troy Kotsur also won Best Supporting Actor and its writer-director Sian Deder also won Best Adapted Screenplay.

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Worker Shortage Hits Louisiana

Employee shortage continues in Louisiana with applicants plummeting to 52 percent in the past two years, as tens of thousands of vacant jobs across the state remain. The state received 45,332 applications for jobs in January of 2020. In January of 2022, that number was at 21,649.

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