US to Support Ukraine with More Aid, Susan Collins to Vote for Judge Brown, Israel Faces New Wave of Terrorism

US to Dispatch $500M in Direct Aid to Ukraine

United States President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that he will send another $500 million in direct aid to Ukraine amidst reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion may be wavering. The United States Congress approved spending up to $13.6 billion in humanitarian and military assistance for Ukraine earlier this month.

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Susan Collins Supports Judge Brown

Republican Senator Susan Collins from Maine said in a statement Wednesday that she will vote to confirm United States President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court Justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, making her the first GOP senator to do so. Jackson’s confirmation had been virtually assured following Democratic Senator Joe Manchin’s announcement that he would vote for Jackson last week.

Only three Republican senators voted in favor of Jackson in 2021 when the Senate confirmed her to fill the DC-based appellate court: Collins, Lindsey Graham, and Lisa Murkowski.

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Israel Faces New Wave of Terrorism

Israel has face five attack within recent days. Tuesday in Beni Brak, one of the country’s most populas ultra-Orthodox Jewish areas, five people were shot dead by a Palestinian gunman. It was the third deadly attack of its kind in just a week.

Previously, an Islamic State attacker drove his car into a cyclist, killing him and then stabbing three people to death outside of a shopping center. Five days later, two other Israeli Arabs opened fire at a bus stop. The Islamic State said it was behind that attack as well.

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