Feel-Great Things to Do Right Now in New Orleans

Living in the Big Easy is magical, but life can be tiring no matter how enchanting your home town is. The ins and outs of daily life can and do take their toll on everyone.  If you chose to live in New Orleans, you probably have some of your reasons probably include some combination of family, friends, culture, architecture, and the very cool vibe of the city.  It’s a city set up for slowing down and savoring life’s sultry and scenic pleasures.  So, get into it! Here are some things you do right now to rejuvenate your mind and body, all without leaving Orleans Parish.

Go for a Bike Ride

New Orleans is full of interesting neighborhoods and parks.  Explore by bike and accomplish two fantastic things at once.  See the sights at a pace where you can really look around and enjoy it, plus get some fresh air and exercise.  If you don’t have your own bike, check out the blue bikes available to rent.  Since the city is so flat, biking is easy.  There are no tough hills to contend with, making it simple to set your own comfortable speed.

Listen to Some Live Music

Believe it or not, listening to music has been shown to have real health benefits.   When
you listen to music, your brain actually pumps out more of the chemicals that make you feel good, like dopamine and serotonin.  Several studies have shown that listening to music can help reduce anxiety and stress.  New Orleans is brimming with some of the best music venues in the world, not to mention amazing musical talent.  Get some swinging tunes in your ears to boost your mental health tonight!

Friends and Family – Just for Fun

We often get together with friends or family for something specific.  It’s an anniversary or birthday.  It’s a holiday.  There is a wedding or funeral.  Those background reasons can be a distraction.  Plus, they tend to draw a crowd.  Seeing all your friends and relatives at once can be wonderful, but not typically very relaxing.  Instead, book some time with a couple family or friends you miss and just hang out and catch up.  Pick a quiet place you can really settle in and relax, then just let the conversation flow.  You’re guaranteed to have an evening you look back on and sigh over, remembering how nice it felt not to have to do anything but enjoy each other’s company.

Eat Slowly

All over New Orleans are hundreds of restaurants offering up a huge variety of some of the best food in the world.  Gumbo, po’ boys, crawdads, muffuletta, and beignets are some of the reasons food lovers from around the world make pilgrimages to Louisiana.  When was the last time you ate something truly special to New Orleans and really, truly savored it?  Usually, it’s so good, people devour the food.  Here’s a trick.  Eat it slowly.  Chew slowly.  Put your fork or sandwich down between bites.  Be quiet for a moment after you swallow to really experience the flavors.  Think about the amazing history of the hands who worked to develop these recipes.  At the end of your thoughtful meal, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a deeper appreciation and sense of gratitude for just how lucky you are to get this local cuisine – and gratitude is good for your soul.

Treat Yourself to Some Fountain of Youth

Explorers wandered all over the south, looking for gold and the fountain of youth. They may not have found either, but that doesn’t mean you can’t one up them.  Here are some simple things you can do to help you feel younger.  Smile!  Smiling and laughing are the quickest, most pleasant facelifts ever.  Splurge on some great skin care products.  Not only does moisturizer help keep skin feeling good, it can help prevent wrinkles and dullness, like HYDRAGLOW’s stem cell moisturizer.  Learn!  Even playing a new game or reading an article about something new is great for keeping your mind young. Most Important – Make Time Feeling good takes effort.  Make some time to do the big and small things that help you feel like your best self.  Your doctor will approve!

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