Five Ways to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

If New Orleans knows about one thing, it’s natural disasters. Hurricanes are frequent, and sometimes they are deadly. Luckily, they are somewhat predictable. Not all natural disasters are, but if you can prepare ahead of time, you’ll avoid some of the worst of it. Whether it’s a hurricane you’re worried about, an earthquake, a tsunami, or a flood, below are five ways to prepare for a natural disaster—wherever you are.

Set Up Medical Tents

If you are a company or an organization that has a lot of members, you should have medical tents available. Mobile medical tents are one of the most important resources when something goes wrong and people need medical attention. Your medical tents should have the basics: first-aid kits, water, bandages, and other supplies. These tents provide a haven for those who are hurt or have nowhere else to go. Whether you are in medicine or not, having medical tents available will facilitate the process should the worst occur.

Water is the Most Important

Whatever the disaster you are encountering, water is the most important thing to have available. In some cases, clean water might be difficult to come by. You should have a way to provide clean water to whoever is around. If bottled water isn’t available, you should have a way to boil your water. Even a dishwasher can bring water up to a temperature that kills anything living in it. Using a stove or a fire, of course, is the best way to bring water to a boil. Whatever the method, preparing for a natural disaster is often synonymous with having drinkable water.

Keep MREs Around

Another way to prepare for a natural disaster of any kind is to keep MREs around. MREs are Meals Ready to Eat. They are used in all kinds of situations, whether it’s in warfare, in space, or after a natural disaster. MREs come in handy when you need them the most. When people are hungry, the food doesn’t need to be gourmet, or even fresh. It needs to provide sustenance. Whatever MREs you have available will get the job done. Keep stocked with these meals year-round, and you will be able to be prepared for any situation.

Create Evacuation Routes

A pivotal preparation is to create evacuation routes. Whether you are always in the same building or have various locations, making a thorough evacuation plan is a must. If there is an earthquake or a tsunami, an evacuation plan could save lives. You should think about the possible disasters that could occur in your area. When you have a plan for every possible disaster, you will be ready when it strikes. It’s so important to create a thorough, thoughtful plan you can rely on in multiple situations, or when you need a specific way to leave a building. Knowing the building and how you can keep people safe is essential to managing any disaster.

Know What You Will Do When the Power is Out

When a natural disaster strikes, the power could very easily go out. What will you do should this occur? It’s important to have a plan. Do you have a way to stay warm? What about lighting? Keeping candles, a generator, and blankets stored in your location is necessary when you are preparing for natural disasters. You might need dry food or a way to make a fire. Whatever you see coming, it’s important to have a plan for what you will do when the power is out. It’s an uncomfortable idea, but if you confront that uncomfortable idea and work towards preparing for it to become a reality, you will be a lot better off, and people will be safe. It’s difficult to fully prepare for any natural disaster. They can come on suddenly, without warning. Still, if you live in a place like the Big Easy where hurricanes are common, you can more easily prepare for them. It’s all about the basics—safety, water, food, warmth, and shelter. If you can prepare for evacuation and plan for the tools that you need when disaster strikes, you will be able to keep everyone involved safe and get through what is likely one of the worst things to happen to you.

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