The Acceleration and Reliance Upon Technology in Our Lives

The future is quickly becoming a reality today. From the shift to 5G in cellular technology to hyperfast processing, increased reliance on artificial intelligence (AI) in all aspects of our online lives, and the accelerating trend of remote work and education, as the song says, “The times, they are a’changing.” From hyperfast WiFi and the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming ubiquitous throughout the home, the interconnectedness of tech and life seems to be an unstoppable factor of life. We have smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smartphones, tablets, and more. And the thing they all depend on is the need for superfast WiFi.

A More Tech-Heavy Lifestyle

You probably think it’s challenging to convert your home into a smart home, but it’s a lot easier than you think, especially if you get a suitable smart home device such as the right router or Google Nest. And the proliferation of IoT and innovative technology in our lives extends well beyond the home.

Our cars are connected to the internet and AI, with Amazon’s Alexa, Google, and Apple’s Siri being common features in modern vehicles. The popularity of these voice assistant AI devices is almost everywhere in our lives. The use of machine learning to create predictive behaviors has outpaced machines from just a couple of years ago. This phenomenon is due to the idea that technological progress acceleratesexponentially.

Technological development in IT, IoT, and AI are accelerating at such a rate that the current social environment of hybrid and remote work, learning, and social will only become more the rule than the exception. Moore’s Law best explains this exponential evolution from one generation of technology to another. Each generation of technology is built upon and accelerates the development of the next phase.  Moore’s Law was an observation by Gordon Moore in 1965 that claimed that the number of transistors in densely packed spaces doubled every two years. And indeed, there has never been a more exciting time to be alive and engaged with technology from entertainment, work, and play. You can find any show online, any song on an app, finance, and banking, even finding an online NFL sportsbook or other gaming options at a press of a button or even voice command.

The Promise of AI

Artificial intelligence is already upon us. Those smart devices and apps like Siri and Alexa are already learning and iterating their algorithms as they learn, sharpening their understanding and creating predictive algorithms for decision making. AI falls under two categories, narrow and general.

Narrow AI

Singular tasks such as a weather app fall under narrow AI. These singular tasks are the ones we experience daily that are a distinct function or a couple of closely related functions. In general, narrow AI creates efficiency in our lives and will be a driving force in the future of our societies.

General AI

In reality, general AI is yet to be achieved. Instead, it is the sci-fi fantasy of machine learning to understand and emulate human thought and actions to do predictive analysis that can translate to assisting every aspect of the human experience. However, from medicine, business, society, education, and more, general AI is the goal for what has already occurred in the field of artificial intelligence.  To achieve general AI, the interaction of human-machine collaboration that occurs with narrow AI is how general AI will become a reality. In other words, the more we use our smart devices, the more the algorithms can learn and eventually expand to become more predictive of human behavior.

The Future of AI

The promise of AI in our lives and the Internet of Things creates abundant possibilities in all aspects of our lives. Better predictive algorithms will allow more seamless interaction between devices in your home, your shopping needs, and businesses being able to pivot and grow.  Of course, every advancement of technology requires time to catch up and adapt but scratching the surface. If anything, these past two years taught us to be more malleable, and that technology will be prevalent in our lives. The future of technology is here today, and the rapid acceleration of artificial intelligence will bring a variety of opportunities to individuals, businesses, and societies willing to embrace it.

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