5 best martial arts for beginners

Almost all of us at least once in our lives thought of learning how to fight and strengthen our bodies. Martial arts are a great way to do so. They will help you develop your muscles, master fighting techniques and build self confidence. Here you will learn which martial arts are best for beginners of different ages.


This classical martial art serves as a basis for a variety of other disciplines. For example, the techniques of many MMA fighters are based on boxing. Among them are Conor McGregor, Dustin Porier, Nate Diaz, Junior Dos Santos and others. You can place your bets on these famous fighters in a credible bookmaking companies which are listed at https://bookmaker-ratings.com/

Boxing greatly improves your stamina, strength and reaction. You can start doing this sport even at the age of 40. The primary condition is your diligence, as well as the observance of training and rest routine. If you get attacked in the street boxing will also help. You will be able to throw a good punch and have a lightning-fast reaction. However, don’t forget to dodge and deflect punches during training, otherwise you will seriously injure your face after several sessions!


This type of martial arts was initially considered to be an art of special services, but later it became widely popular. You will learn throws and ground fighting. This discipline will be suitable for people of all ages and give the opportunity to learn basic skills with low risk of injuries. Combat sambo includes punches and is basic for MMA. Here you will learn how to effectively combine punches with wrestling techniques.


Kickboxing is a great option for those who want to learn how to use hands and feet. Beginning fighters will get good basic skills which they will need for self-defense: hitting techniques are practiced until they become automatic. Kickboxing greatly improves flexibility, agility and endurance. But one must be prepared for scratches and bruises, as practicing strong kicks can lead to minor injuries. However, you may search for classes which practice without direct physical contact. An important thing to consider when training is the proper attire – appropriate clothing for MMA is available on Apex Fitness.


This is a younger variety of karate which combines throws, hits and ground fighting. The best techniques of various combat disciplines were taken to create kudo, which is now one of the most dynamic martial arts. Please note that this is a very aggressive discipline, so it will not be suitable for people over 40. You can easily miss a punch or flying knee and get knocked out. This is why head protection is very important in kudo.


This Korean martial art is more difficult than all the aforementioned. In taekwondo good stretching plays a key role, however it is difficult to develop after 35, same for good jumping ability. Younger people will definitely like this art, it can be practiced from an early age. Taekwondo strengthens body, soul and spirit and helps build character. 

The physical basis here are spectacular kicks. When watching taekwondo tournaments you may sometimes wonder what it is, a martial art or artistic gymnastics. This type of martial arts is not suitable for self defense, but your body will benefit from this hobby: good shape is guaranteed if training is regular.

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