Lawn Tennis Tips For Beginners

Every day there are more and more people who want to learn to play tennis. Many love this sport but hesitate to go out to the court and start. If you are such a person, it is time to cast all doubts aside. Here we will give some advice for beginners in lawn tennis.

Advice for those who want to start playing tennis

If these are your first steps in tennis, you should not buy the most expensive racket, like the one your favorite professional tennis players have. It is always interesting to watch them play, as well as betting on the result of tennis matches (we advise betting only in reliable bookmaking companies. You can find a list of them at ). However, a professional racket might not be good for you. It is better to start with a semi-professional one. At first, it may seem that all rackets are the same. But it is not true, they differ a lot 

As you choose, pay attention to these parameters:

  1. Grip size. In Europe, it is measured in numbers from one to seven (numbers one and two are mostly used by children). To choose the right grip size, take it in your hand and stick the index finger of your other hand into the gap between the grip and the hand. If there is a finger-wide gap between the thumb and index finger of the hand holding the grip, then it is the right size. 
  2. Head size. There is a clear pattern: the bigger the racket, the easier it is to control the ball, but the shot will be weaker. At first, it is better to learn to control the ball and its bounce, so choose a racket with big head size.

Don’t forget to buy some grip tape and some balls. This is a must-have for beginning tennis players. With that, you can go out on the court. But what about an instructor, do you need one? No internet videos or books will help you more than an experienced coach. This person will help you hold the racket, teach you different shots and show you how to hit them correctly.

All this you will learn in the first few lessons. This knowledge is very important: if you learn the technique incorrectly at first, it will be extremely hard to change it later.For those who are not planning to do tennis professionally, a couple of lessons with an experienced mentor will be quite enough. 

Find a suitable training and playing partner. It is better to practice with different opponents. Matches with strong players will help you quickly develop your technique. An experienced player will also give you valuable advice.Don’t worry about scoring points in the beginning, as it will distract you from building your technique. It is better to try to hold the ball as long as possible and sometimes ask your partner to make difficult serves and serve returns. This way you will develop a better reaction.

Lawn tennis is difficult both tactically and physically. Practice regularly and you will make discoveries in technique and tactics. At that, your body will be fitter and better trained. However, in tennis, just as in any other kind of sport, you will need patience and perseverance.

In tennis, your inner state is as important as your technique. You should not play when you are in a bad mood or extremely irritated. Calm down, control your emotions and only then step out on the court. You should not give way to overexcitement either. This condition, just like anger, will lead to mistakes and setbacks.


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