What Makes Vaping Good Or Bad?

If you’ve read an article on vaping lately, more likely than not it probably talked about vaping as the world’s next big evil vice. There is plenty of negative press out there on the disadvantages of vaping — but it’s not as bad as the media wants you to believe it is. Plenty of research reports on vaping use exaggerated statistics that are not a true reflection of reality. Reports of the positives of vaping get less coverage than they deserve as it’s not in the interest of the media to go against the primary narrative in the media landscape. 

So what are the boons and banes of vaping? Well, if you’re someone looking for an alternative to smoking, and want to try e-cigarettes from Geekbar for the first time, you’re in luck. In this list, we’ll be going through the good and bad of vaping, and we hope you’ll be better equipped to make an informed choice. 

The Good 

Firstly, vaping is a lot safer than your typical rolled-up tobacco cigarette. Instead of going through the process of combustion when you light up an analog cigarette, vaping simply uses vapors that don’t result in a combustion process, and therefore creates mist instead of smoke. The major health cons of smoking come from the tar and carbon monoxide that pass through your throat when you light up a cigarette, which can result in long-term lung damage. When you vape, you’re essentially ensuring that you’re smoke-free — which will help ensure a healthier lung and heart function as compared to smoking. What’s even better is that vaping allows you to maintain your original senses of smell and taste, which will no longer be dampened by the effects of smoking. 

Secondly, vaping does not produce any lingering odors. When you walk into a room after a smoke break it’s pretty common to get stares from strangers who can smell what you just did 5 minutes ago, but that will be a thing of the past with vaping. Your house, car, and clothes won’t carry the stench of smoke anymore. This is because the smell you get from vaping is hardly noticeable, and sometimes it may even smell quite sweet. Even if you try tobacco-flavored vapes you won’t smell like burning tobacco, so if you want to smell better, you can consider the switch to vaping. 

Thirdly, you are in full control over your nicotine consumption. Vape pods come in a range of strengths, starting from nicotine-free vape pods to full-strength nicotine e-juices. If you’re trying to kick your nicotine addiction, you can vary the level of nicotine you put in your vapes, and eventually wean yourself off your need for nicotine and get to a point where you stop using nicotine entirely.

Lastly, vaping is a rather fuss-free process. Once you buy a vape and a pod, you can pretty much start vaping when you hit a button or draw on the device. While all vapes require charging and pods to work, the typical vape can last you for the whole day with no additional maintenance required, so you’re pretty much good to go as long as you have it in your pocket. 

The Bad

Now that you know what the good things that vapes have to offer, you might want to also know what’s not so good for you so you can make a better decision when trying out the vape for the first time. 

Firstly, choosing which flavor to vape with can be overwhelming. To vapers who just picked up vaping, the endless number of flavors to choose from can be daunting. With the six different subtypes of vaping flavors, you might very well be tempted to pick them all off the shelf to unload into your vape. If you’re starting out with vaping, it’s best to just try the flavors that are easier to use and come with clear and concise instructions on how to use them in a vape. 

Secondly, vaping isn’t exactly easy to do when you’ve never tried it before. There is an unspoken learning curve when it comes to vaping as it is a product that needs specialized knowledge. We cannot emphasize how important it is to choose the right products for yourself when you are starting your new habit. While the temptation to try the new-fangled products can be quite strong, we recommend you to just try out the beginner-friendly, simple-to-use products when you’re just starting out. 

Thirdly, the health risks of vaping are still not as well researched as smoking has been. Vaping is still far too novel for any of us to truly reflect the exhaustive list of the potential harms it could pose to your body. However, if you’re a seasoned smoker trying to go cold turkey, rest assured that you are separating yourself from the extensively researched health risks of smoking. The components in a cigarette are uniquely toxic to the analog cigarette itself, and will not be found in vape devices. If the substances are to be found at all, they are usually present only in very, very small amounts. Vapers and bystanders alike are thus much safer when exposed to secondhand vape mist rather than secondhand cigarette smoke. 

Lastly, vaping is legislatively made increasingly inaccessible. The rise of anti-vaping organizations has placed pressure on many lawmakers to dampen the spread of vaping habits among Americans. As a result, many states have started imposing heavy taxes on vape products and this has led to a great reduction in vaping choices, severely impacting availability and markedly increasing their costs. While it does not involve actual fire, vaping can still burn quite a hole in your wallet. 


Vaping is still a rather undocumented practice, and its advantages are heavily underreported as well. If you’re looking to try out vaping yourself, you have to know beforehand that there are just as many pros as there are cons when picking up the e-cigarette. We hope our list has helped you understand the good and bad of vaping more for you to make the best decision, no matter what it is. 


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