How Technology Can Further Improve Your Next Business Trip

Here we will go over some technology tools that can improve your next business trip and the planning process. A poorly organized business trip can cause a person to waste money, struggle to manage their time, have a difficult time finding addresses, and more. Keep reading to find out how to use technology to improve your next trip.

Mileage tracking

A mileage tracking app is great for anyone that plans to have their gas reimbursed or
claimed on their taxes. In these tracking apps, you can record the length of your trip, upload receipts, and share the information with others.

Mobile data

Many people go on a trip and forget the importance of having mobile data. Without mobile data, you will not be able to send or receive messages, search the internet, use apps, or use maps. Before heading on a trip, make sure your phone plan includes unlimited data. Additionally, you can purchase a mobile hotspot device that provides internet to your phone, laptop, and tablet.

Booking engines

Booking engine sites are great for the planning process of your trip and can help you find hotels, flights, rental cars, and more.

With these search engine websites you can filter your results by:

? star rating
? price
? location
? amenities
? payment type
? property type
? accessibility

Additionally, many booking engines have reward programs that give you free or discounted stays in the future which is especially helpful to those frequently traveling like traveling nurses or business consultants.

Power bank

If you do not already have a power bank, you should consider getting one for your trip. You never know what might happen while traveling, so having a way to power your devices is essential. If you get lost in an unfamiliar area, have a meeting run late, or have a long road trip, you do not want to be out with a dead battery. Power banks can come in all shapes, sizes, prices, and abilities. For example, small devices range from $10-$30 and can power a phone, while larger devices may cost hundreds of dollars and power any item multiple times.


Spreadsheets are one of the most straightforward and most beneficial technology tools that can be utilized when planning a business trip.

In a spreadsheet, you can:

? record expenses
? Make and follow a budget
? Note important dates
? Write down phone numbers
? Record hotel information
? Add graphs
? Write down the personal information of other employees

Spreadsheets are shareable and can be sent to coworkers to use as a guide or sent to your boss for their records.

Expense tracking app

Because your place of employment covers business trips, keeping track of your expenses is vital for both you and your boss. You can download an expense tracking app that allows you to take note of all business-related expenses and upload pictures of the receipts. Tracking your expenses ensures that you do not miss out on any reimbursements from your employer. If you are your own boss, the tracker can organize your business expenses for tax time.

Itinerary tracker

All app stores have itinerary trackers to help travelers stay organized while away.

In the app, you can:

? Make a note of reservations and meetings
? Save addresses
? Plan activities

? Save directions
? Get recommendations
? Set reminders and alarms

Most itinerary trackers can be shared with your coworkers for optimized organization and timekeeping.

Custom google map

Many people are not aware that google maps provide an option for users to create a customized map. To make a personalized map, go to “Google My Maps,” select “Create a new map,” and search for a city.

From there, you can:

? Draw lines and routes
? Measure distances and areas
? Explore restaurants, shops, gas stations, and businesses
? Drop pins and markers
? Add layers
? Add directions
? Share the map

You can make a custom map that includes every stop along your drive or as a guide for when you arrive. Additionally, these shareable maps are great for teams following a set schedule while on a business trip.


There are many ways technology can improve your next business trip. Devices like mobile hotspots and power banks ensure you have full access to your electronics, Custom maps and itinerary trackers help you stay on track, and spreadsheets and expense trackers help you stay organized.

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