Biden’s Earth Day Legislation, Russia’s New Invasion Tactics, Dismantling Disney’s Self-Governing Status

Biden’s Earth Day Executive Action

United States President Joe Biden will sign an executive order today, on Earth Day, to inventory and protect old-growth forests during his visit to Seattle. Biden’s order will require the Department of the Interior as well as the Department of Agriculture to define mature and old-growth forests. It gives the departments a year to stock their numbers in the US. With the numbers, the agencies must come up with new policies to manage the areas.

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Russia Intends to Take “Full Control” of Southern Ukraine

As part of its second phase of its invasion, Russian military disclosed for the first time that Russia’s goal is to fully control Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region as well as its southern areas, as far as Moldova.

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Florida to Dissolve Disney’s Self-Governing Status

Florida House passed a bill Thursday to dissolve a special district that currently allows Walt Disney Company to self-govern its Orlando-area theme park. The legislation, which was passed by the House in a 68-38 vote after a 23-16 vote from Senate Wednesday, has been sent to Governor Ron DeSantis.

It would go into effect June 1, 2023. The district was created by a 1967 state law.

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