Macron Wins Presidency, Zelenskyy Meets with US Delegation, Millipede Species Named After Taylor Swift

Emmanuel Macron Won France’s Presidential Election

Emmanuel Macron fended off far-right candidate Marine Le Pen to win France’s presidential election Sunday, making him the first French leader to be re-elected in 20 years. Macron took 58.55% of the vote, and only needed 50% to win. The vote was a rematch of the 2017 election. Macron ran on a globalization platform.

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Zelenskyy Meets with US Delegation

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with the U.S. Secretaries of State and Defense Sunday night as the highest-level visit to the country’s capital by an American delegation since the start of Russia’s invasion. The meeting came in hopes of deciding on further help, according to Ukrainian Presidential Advisor Oleksiy Arestovych.

The meeting was in the wake of Zelenskyy pleading for more defense against Russia’s campaign as well as Russia claiming to reign more terror in the region during its second wave.

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Millipede Species Name Inspired by Taylor Swift

Derek Hennen, an entomologist who completed his Ph.D. at Virginia Tech in 2020, discovered a millipede species and named it after Taylor Swift. The species, called Nannaria swiftae, vernacularly goes by Swift Twisted-Claw Millipede. Hennen and his co-authors Jackson Means and Paul Marek identified 17 new species of Twisted-Claw Millipedes from Appalachia.

The Swift honor is meant to be a “thank you” to the singer for getting the scientist through some hard times.

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