Ideas for Preparing the Place for the Graduation Party

Graduation is an important stage in our lives, so the party should be stunning and remembered for a lifetime! If you will manage to create colorful, memorable decorations, then you will succeed!

Bright balloons, including these cute graduation Mylar and Foil items, beautiful fabric, paper and floral draperies compositions, cozy lighting, DIY thematic design elements — all this will help you create a wonderful atmosphere that will help you start the most important celebration of your life (at least as it seems to every young man or girl at this time of life)!

Balloon hall decorations

When you think about throwing a party, colorful balloons are the first thing that comes to mind! Moreover, making such a decor is quite simple, inexpensive, and very pleasant! Check out these ideas.

  • To create a stunning atmosphere, you can use just large balloons (the ones that are bigger than 16”) — they look very impressive and modern. Hang several air-filled items (inflating them with helium can be a bit costly) at different heights to make the interior look absolutely festive.
  • Balloon garlands: mix classic and different-sized garlands and hang themaround the perimeter of the hall, or use them as a beautiful addition to your photo zone decor. Also, you can use them to decorate the entrance to the building and stair railings.
  • Balloon columns: compositions of different shapes (rectangular, round) and textures (gold, mirror, hollow surfaces) can help you immediately decorate the room and allow you to put the right accents. You can even create beautiful alleys by connecting pillars with inflatable chains.
  • Balloon fountains will allow your guests to completely immerse in the festive atmosphere.
  • Foil numbers and letters are indispensable decor attributes, because they allow you to easily create eye-catching messages for guests and emphasize the importance of the holiday!

Festive fabrics and textile decor

If the celebration takes place in a large hall, then drapery will help you to make it look cozier. Rent beautiful buffet skirts, tablecloths, chair covers and bows, as well as curtains. Choose colors that match the color scheme of your party concept and other decor elements. Also, you can always try experimenting with contrasting colors!

Paper decor

This design not only looks beautiful but is also very inexpensive! You can order everything you need at holiday supply stores. Most often, you just need to unroll the ready-made items, and in a couple of seconds you will get a huge bright decoration from a flat blank and you can use them right away. Pompoms will take you some time to tinker with (about 15 minutes to straighten one piece), but they look amazing!


It is one of the most important party areas, and if you manage to make an eye-catching décor, your guests will line up in front of it just to take a shot! Check out some top ideas.

  • Banner fabric. You can use any design, the main thing is to pay special attention to details! Beautify the dock parts of the structure, do not forget to beautifully decorate its base.
  • Sequins. They are an ultra-fashionable yet affordable solution. It is simply impossible to take your eyes off such decorations, and they always draw the attention of even the most inveterate skeptics. With the help of sequins, you can “write” the names of graduates, various congratulatory messages, wishes, and more.
  • “Book photo zone”. This is one of the most touching design options! Make a life-size book from cardboard sheets, print your wishes (choose a beautiful font) on large sheets, and attach them to your cardboard base.
  • Chrome balloons. You can order silver balls of different sizes, and attach them to the base, placing them randomly on the wall. If you properly direct the lighting to such a wall, this décor is striking in its beauty! Also, you can decorate it with LED lights: just try it and you will see what a real magical décor looks like!

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