The Five Most Interesting Cities South of Washington DC

The South is a culture and way of life all its own. People like to talk about the region as if it is based on the political divide between the North and the South, the coasts and middle America, but this doesn’t come close to the reality or truth of the situation. The culture of the United States south of Washington DC is created by the people and the setting. While every city can’t be New Orleans—the Big Easy has one of the most unique histories and cultures in the country—below are the five most interesting places south of Washington DC.

Washington DC

The capital of the United States is dynamic and complex. There is the obvious political element of the city. There are politicians, lobbyists, administration, and other workers who are coming into the city from the suburbs or other parts of the country. The real Washington DC is much more than that. There is a large wage gap and disparity of race. There are many neighborhoods where you can find the best places to live in DC. There is academia. There is nightlife. With so many museums and intellectual venues, Washington DC is a complicated place where people and politics go in and out.


Atlanta is an amazing city where the world is available to you. There are so many cultures, types of food, and a variety of experiences in the city. It is a large city with all kinds of businesses and opportunities. There are tech companies and all sorts of start-ups in the city. Atlanta is a place many go to live a better life. Between the food scene, the nightlife, the job opportunities, and the complex, bustling culture of Atlanta, it has become one of the best places in the South.


Charleston, South Carolina isn’t as large as Atlanta or Washington DC, but it has a unique character all its own. Charleston is charming. It is laid-back. It is pretty. Not only does it have an emerging fine dining scene, but the character of the food culture has also remained. Hospitality is big in Charleston. It is a place you will feel welcome as a visitor or a resident. Charleston is a magnet for tourists. Whether you are looking for a change in lifestyle or a quaint place to visit on a vacation, Charleston is a great option. It is an amazing place with amazing people.


Miami isn’t Florida, it’s a place all its own. With so many Caribbean, South American, and African immigrants, the flavor of the city is dynamic and complex. Whatever you want to do, see, or experience, Miami has it. Whether you want to lounge on the beach, drink a mojito at a restaurant, or work for a big financial company, Miami is the place where you can do it all. The culture is vibrant. There is a ton of money around the city. It is known for the savory and unsavory alike. Miami is a unique place in the world.

New Orleans

Of course, there is bias here but there is no city more unique south of Washington DC than New Orleans. With such a unique history, some of the best food in the country, and an unmistakable party vibe, New Orleans could be the most individual city in the United States. It is a culture separate to the US and the South. We all know New Orleans is a great city for vacation, but for the people who live here it is a way of life. A city that leaves its mark on everyone, if you are a native New Orleanian there are characteristics that won’t leave you.

The South isn’t a monolith. It is a dynamic region with so many different cities, types of people, and experiences. They are changing and progressing like any other part of the country. The most interesting cities in the South are full of great people, awesome food, amazing experiences, and pretty much everything you could ask for out of a city. While New Orleans is our town, checking out some of the other cities in the South can be just what you need to shake things up.

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