Why You Should Have Sanitation Service After Wildlife Removal

It’s not uncommon to discover a wild animal (or even an entire family) has taken up residence on your private property. As our cities expand, they cut down more and more on the natural habitats of wild animals. And so, these critters, in their search for food, water, and shelter, are forced to come in closer to our urban dwellings, and often into our homes.

Now, once this happens, there are a number of choices at our disposal – we can attempt various exclusion or trapping techniques on our own, which may prove more or less successful, or call a wildlife removal professional. Regardless of which you choose, it’s tempting to think that once the animal itself has been removed from your home, the job is over. Except that’s not quite right.

What is sanitation after wildlife removal?

Sanitation services after wildlife removal focus on professionally cleaning your home after a wild animal infestation, removing threats, debris, replacing damaged items, and making the home generally livable again. While some of the above are also marketed as restoration and repair services, sanitation focuses primarily on cleaning up offensive material, like feces, urine stains, fur, skin, blood, and other bodily matters.

The main issue with these items is that they carry and expose you to a bunch of serious diseases. Wild animals commonly found on human properties often carry illnesses like tularemia, rabies, salmonellosis, psittacosis, trichinosis, and several other serious afflictions. And unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply remove the animal to eliminate the threat. You will need to scrub out any last trace of their existence before you can safely go into the infested area again in safety.

Tip: whenever entering the infested, or previously infested room (e.g. the attic, basement, shed, etc.) that has not been sanitized, do take precautions to protect yourself – wear a face mask, rubber boots, gloves, and other protective equipment, to avoid coming into direct contact with anything possibly contaminated.

Where can you get sanitation services?

The good news about having to sanitize your home after a wildlife infestation is that most wildlife removal companies offer these services, as well. You can reach out to Woodlands Wildlife Texas and request a quote, or have them inspect your home. Of course, you will want to educate yourself a little further on this subject, so if you like, you can visit pestwildlife.com to learn about attic cleaning, why you need it, and how it works exactly.

Please keep in mind that you will also need professional sanitation and cleanup services if you find a dead animal, since dead animals carry as many diseases as live ones. If you have discovered a dead animal inside your home, do check the rest of the property, to ensure there aren’t other live ones nearby. Often, wild animals are attracted by wounded or weakened animals, as they represent natural prey.

Why is sanitation important? And why should you hire a professional?

There are a number of clear-cut reasons why you’ll need to clean up your home after a wild animal has been discovered inside (regardless whether dead or alive). First and foremost, you want to properly eliminate any bacteria or parasites from your property, so as not to expose yourself, your pets, or your family to potential life-threatening diseases.

You will also want to remove offensive material like animal waste, since the smell of that can become quite a nuisance for you, if it adds up, and can also damage your property, in some cases. For instance, bat droppings (also referred to as guano) have a highly corrosive property, and can seriously destroy furniture, floors, and so on.

Lastly, the presence of animal fur and waste emits a smell that may attract other wild animals to your home, creating an even bigger problem for you. Now, the reason why you’ll want professional sanitation services is that attempting it yourself often proves hard and inefficient. Professionals have the necessary experience to thoroughly clean your home, and rid it of any trace of wild animals.

Not only that, they also have professional-grade cleaning equipment and substances designed especially for this purpose. So hiring professional sanitation services is more efficient, both financially and in terms of the cleaning itself.

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