Road Trippin’ To The Big Easy


Regardless of where you’re coming from, road tripping to the Big Easy will be a trip for the ages. First, the time spent driving to New Orleans will be sure to create enough memories on their own, but once you get there? Forget about it.

The trip will be one of legend. A slow roll down U.S. Route 90 will pull you up to New Orleans unless you’re heading from the west of Lafayette, then Interstate 10 will get you there. To head to New Orleans and have the time of your life is simple. Get in the car, program Google or Apple Maps, drive, and get there. The rest of the trip will take care of itself.

How To Plan For Your Road Trip

Even though you’ll have the time of your life once you arrive in New Orleans, it’s crucial to think about the planning steps you need to take to get there. Before leaving home, you need to have a few things in order.

Create an itinerary: Create a plan, the dates you plan on being on the road versus in the Big Easy, where you may stay along the way, and when you plan on heading back. This is because you want a shareable plan that you can give to friends and family in case something happens or they need to get in touch with you.

Budget: It’s easy to think about a trip, but there’s a hole large enough to drive through. That hole is the time you return after the trip. Too often, people budget for the time that they’ll be home, bills due, and waiting on their next paycheck.

A big part of your road trip budget is automotive expenses, from maintenance, gas, food along the way, and insurance. There are plenty of insurance options – from comprehensive to pay per mile auto insurance – for you to consider.

Every state in the United States has varying differences in mandatory coverage, so be up to date for the states you’ll be driving through. It’s easy to budget for your entertainment, but it’s vitally essential to budget for the return time. Otherwise, you could set yourself back and into a deep hole financially.

Packing: One of the biggest hurdles with a road trip is deciding how much stuff you need to bring. The tendency is to overpack as you have personal space, and unlike the airlines charging for bags, you’re only limited by that personal space and therein lies the problem.

Your car has a finite amount of room, and if you overpack, your trip becomes uncomfortable and the ride less enjoyable. The trick then is to pack, look at everything you have, and unpack. Finally, declutter your bags by at least 10% for a single bag, or eliminate a bag altogether for multiple bags.

Best Time To Travel To New Orleans

In general, the best time to visit New Orleans is between the months of February to May, when the temperatures are cooler, and the celebrations are hotter. However, if Mardi Gras and the like are something you could do without, consider visiting during December and January. And don’t worry, it will rain some while you’re there. It’s New Orleans.

The key is, do you want it to be hot, sticky, and humid after the rain or more comfortable? During these months, the benefit of visiting is that there are fewer crowds, hotels are available, and all the sites and scenes that make up New Orleans are still hopping.

Places To Eat And Things To Do In New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its history, cuisine, and nightlife, making it a prime destination for anybody looking for a good time. You can choose to do the tourist thing and sign up for various history tours, including the drunken history tour; check out the garden district and Bourbon Street.

There is so much to do and explore throughout New Orleans that a single road trip won’t be enough time to check out the sites, museums, and decadent restaurants and bars throughout the city. So make your plan to visit, but be sure to expect a return trip soon.

Remember Your Time In New Orleans

It’s important to remember your time in New Orleans, especially if you aren’t planning a return trip any time soon. There are multiple things you can do, like purchase photo books, gather mementos, and purchase souvenirs. If you’ve taken some fantastic photos, you’ll want to display them correctly. Why keep them on your phone or camera roll when you can view them in high-quality print? Being able to pull down photo books from a shelf and flick through them enables you to view your photos in high quality whenever you want to. If you can stack these with photo books of other trips and events in your life, you’ll instantly be able to remember those all-important trips you’ve taken over time.

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