Karine Jean-Pierre to be Press Secretary, Misrepresenting Covid-19 Vaccination Social Media Posts, US Provided Intelligence To Sink Russian Warships

Karine Jean-Pierre to become White House Press Secretary

The White House announced on Thursday that Karine Jean-Pierre, who currently serves as the principal deputy press secretary, will replace Jen Psaki as the White House Press Secretary on May 13. Jean-Pierre will become the first openly gay person and first Black woman to hold the role of the White House Press Secretary.

Psaki is leaving her position for a job at MSNBC.

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Posts Misrepresenting Outdating UK Documents on Covid-19 Vaccines

Social media posts claim that a 2020 U.K. regulatory document about Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine suggested that the company advised against the shot being given to pregnant and breastfeeding patients. Current health guidelines say it is safe for both groups and fetuses, and protocols have been updated. The posts do not include document titles, dates, or where they come from with any other identifying information.

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US Provide Intelligence Help to Sink Russian Warship

The United States assisted by providing intelligence to Ukrainian forces in April with a missile strike that sunk a flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, the Moskva, in one of the most dramatic battlefield successes in the invasion thus far.

It is unclear how many Russian sailors died in the attack, but United States officials believe the causalities were significant.

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