Men and Women’s Soccer Paid Equally, Cawthorn Loses Primary, Finland and Sweden Ask to Join NATO

United States Soccer Agreed to Landmark Deal to Guarantee Equal Pay For Men, Women Shared World Cup Prize Money

After three months of gender discrimination lawsuits, the United States Soccer Federation, United States Women’s National Team Players Association, and the United States National Team Players Association have agreed to a landmark deal that guarantees equal pay and shared World Cup prize money moving forward in international soccer.

With this agreement, US Soccer will become “the first federation in the world to equalize FIFA World Cup prize money.”

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Rep. Madison Cawthorn Concedes in GOP Primary

The North Carolina Representative, Madison Cawthorn, conceded his race in the GOP primary for the state’s 11th District to his opponent Chuck Edwards. Cawthorn, 26, was the youngest member of Congress for two years and had a bumpy road of inaccurate accounts and misleading accusations throughout his tenure.

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Finland, Sweden Apply to Join NATO Alliance

Finland and Sweden formally applied to join NATO on Wednesday, which could potentially transform the security landscape of North Europe drastically especially in the wake of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine.

NATO currently has failed to reach a consensus about whether or not the countries should join, as Turkey has objected.

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