Why Furniture Matters in the Office

When entrepreneurs and businesses prepare new offices for their team, they tend to spend a lot of time on the overall design, layout, and basic functions of the office like Internet and phone lines.

However, one area that is surprisingly ignored is in selecting office furniture. An amazing number of business operators are quite indifferent about general office furniture, perhaps paying more attention where their own executive office is concerned, but not thinking about the bigger picture.

This is a critical error that companies are making. Typing in “office furniture Brisbane” and picking out the first things that pop up simply won’t do any more. Here are the reasons why you simply have to pay more attention to office furniture.

It Impacts the Final Look of Your Office, and Thus Your Brand

When one casts an eye across an office space, there may not be one thing in particular that they notice, but what they do get a glimpse of is a general picture of colour, attractiveness, and material quality.

Cheap and poorly designed office furniture creates a negative version of all three of these elements. It looks shoddy, badly put together, as well as being of a drab and depressing demeanour that no one wants to look at for long.

Investing in the right kind of furniture speaks volumes about your brand, too. Imagine hearing about this new company that says it values quality over quantity, and lives to provide the highest-possible standards. Imagine then arriving at their office to see a drab and dreary space filled with sub-par furniture. Is that reflective of the brand you heard about?

Furniture Directly Affects Staff Productivity and Morale

As an office operator, you surely care a great deal about how productive and happy your staff is. If that’s true, then you must, by extension, care about investing in the right kinds of furniture.

When employees have large, attractive desk spaces, comfortable and supportive chairs, as well as an overall attractive and pleasant office environment, they’ll show up on time, will be absent far less, and will get a lot more done!

A Good Investment Will Last Longer

It’s often said that you will always get what you pay for, and in the case of office furniture, this is certainly true. When putting a new office space together, it’s understandable that one would want to keep costs down, allowing more capital to be invested in key areas of business growth and lead generation.

That makes sense, but cheap furniture is more often than anything a totally false economy. Chairs and desks of a low quality that are breaking will just need replacing faster, and in the space of 1-2 years, you might end up spending more than you would have investing in the better stuff to start off with.

The Right Furniture Will Help Set You Apart

Many company offices are not standalone structures, but housed in commercial buildings where they are surrounded by other companies and office spaces.

If you’re the one office on the floor with the cheap and rubbish furniture, then you will stand out for all the wrong reasons. If you want to be the standout tenant of the building, invest in the kind of furniture that will make people in the other office’s jealous. That brings us to the final point…

It Will Help to Make Your Office the Place People Want to Come to Work

As a standout company that lives up to its brand message, provides a quality work environment, invests in quality material and tries to set itself above the competition, you will naturally find that you become a magnet for local talent. They’ll be dropping their CVs off by the box-load trying to get on board!

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