Slim Sweets Reviews (Fitera) Legit SlimSweets Gummies or Waste Of Money?

Slim Sweets (also known as SlimSweets) is the newly launched weight loss gummies that help manage body weight. As the official website describes, these delicious gummies initiate an effortless weight loss that is desirable for every person struggling with obesity. Making them a part of your routine helps shed weight without compromising your favorite foods or hiring a personal trainer. But how believable is this promise? Can you really lose weight like this?

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Weight loss is usually a slow process, and it can take weeks or months to see changes in the body. But taking help from a dietary supplement with scientifically proven ingredients, this progress can be improved. Gummies are popular for a reason, because they taste better, and you do not even feel like taking a supplement. They look and taste like candy, and because of this, the chances of skipping the daily dose are minimal.

Fitera Slim Sweets is one of these popular supplements that recently gained a lot of fame. Still, gummies are new to many people, and the idea of losing weight while enjoying candy-like supplements is not clear to them. Read this review to find out if the popularity of this product is worth it or not.

What is Slim Sweets?

Slim Sweets is a unique product offering incredible benefits for weight loss. It is exclusively available online and can be purchased through the official website using the following link.

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The idea of weight loss supplements is not new, but gummies are relatively new and better than traditional pills. Slim Sweets by FITera is a delicious treat for the body, with a surprising effect on body weight. According to the official sales page, you can lose up to 30 lbs of weight by taking these pills, and there are no side effects attached to their usage.

These gummies are made using premium natural ingredients with scientifically proven benefits for the user. They come in a pack of 30 gummies, and the daily recommendation is one gummy only. However, those who wish to lose more weight can also take two gummies and initiate a faster weight loss without making any other changes to the routine.

The Slim Sweets gummies are extremely helpful for people in their middle ages, where the body starts accumulating fat, and metabolism becomes slow. People around or over 40 can get maximum benefits from these gummies, and using the gummies is better and safer than pills.

Kriss Berg, the creator of Slim Sweets gummies, is proud to introduce a product that has fixed the obesity issue for thousands of people across the country. Based on the user reviews, it is clear that Slim Sweets gummies help activate a slow metabolism, relieve pain, lower stress, and improve overall health. It is much easier to take the gummies to improve health than to spend thousands of dollars on healthcare, insurance, medicines, and doctors’ visits. Continue reading to know what makes SlimSweets a legit product for weight loss.

slim sweets reviews

Story Behind The Creation of Slim Sweets

Fitera Slim Sweets is made by a company named ‘Prosper Wellness’ that is owned by Kriss Berg. Kriss has already shared the story of its creation with the public, telling how he was failing to lose weight and desperate for a solution when he was introduced to these herbal ingredients.

At the age of 37, Kriss was told by his doctors to lose weight or else he will not survive for more than five years. His sugar was already out of control, and he developed heart diseases too. His health was constantly declining, and weight loss was the only solution to overcome half of his problems.

For the sake of his life, his family, and his children, he started making efforts to lose weight. But he did not lose anything with the standard weight loss formulas of diet and exercise. He tried almost all crash diets, popular workouts, and traditional remedies, but none of these helped him, and he gained more weight by the end of this struggle.

Eventually, he was introduced to these metabolic boosting herbs that push the body to lose weight without starving the body or pushing it towards a strenuous exercise. After experiencing the noticeable results, Kriss finally decided to make a supplemental form of these ingredients and choose to make gummies that are an enjoyable form of weight loss supplements.

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What To Expect From Slim Sweets Gummies?

Though individual results may vary, consumers can expect the following benefits after using SlimSweets gummies.

  • Faster fat burn, with noticeable results within a few weeks
  • Appetite control and reduced food cravings
  • Low chances of overeating and stress-linked eating
  • Improved mood, low stress, and regulated sleep cycle
  • High energy throughout this weight loss process
  • Delicious gummies in goji berries flavor

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Weight Loss With Slim Sweets Gummies

Gummies are different from the typical weight loss pills, and they look and taste more like candies. It is difficult to believe these sugary treats are actually weight loss pills with direct benefits for metabolism.

Before heading to how Slim Sweets gummies trigger weight loss, it is necessary to understand the metabolism first. For those who do not know, metabolism means all the activities behind the breakdown of food and using it to make energy for the body. There are many things that make metabolism slow, such as age, diet, and activity level. Anyone with a slow metabolism would find it hard to lose weight, and even fad diets will not help him. The only solution here is to find a product that fixes the issue of slow metabolism here and start the natural weight loss again.

The information available on Slim Sweets suggest it supercharges the metabolism and helps burn up to 40% more calories compared to people not taking it. It means the body will still burn fat even at rest, and no exercise is needed to trigger it. Getting to know these gummies is like finding a secret to finally get over obesity that is otherwise extremely frustrating and challenging to handle.

The ingredients inside SlimSweets gummies work on the fat accumulation inside the body. The human body is able to store fat as brown (healthy) fat and white (unhealthy) fat; depending on which fat is accumulated more, the metabolic rate increases or decreases. Brown fat is considered healthier as it burns more calories and provides more energy to the body. White fat, on the other hand, only stores extra fat and makes the body looks obese. High white fat levels show obesity, while high brown fat levels show a fast metabolism.

The Slim Sweets ingredients work on elevating brown fat levels in the body, preventing weight gain, and maintaining a healthy weight for long. It further acts upon two chemicals secreted by the brain serotonin and dopamine. These two chemicals work opposite to each other. Dopamine is the ‘happy hormone’ that makes you eat more and urges the body to eat more than its needs. Serotonin, on the other hand, cancels the effects of dopamine by reducing the appetite and inducing the feeling of satiety in the body. These two work along with each other, and for complete dietary control, both are needed.

SlimSweets ingredients help create this balance that is otherwise lost due to poor dietary choices, high-stress levels, sleep deprivation, and various other factors. Together all this helps the user eat mindfully and burns all the calories from food, using them to keep the body organs running.

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What Are Slim Sweets Ingredients?

The complete list of Slim Sweets ingredients is not disclosed to avoid fake products, but the company has shared the primary ingredients, including the following.

  • 15 mg of Paradoxine from grains of paradise (15mg)
  • 5-HTP (100 mg)
  • Monk fruit extract

Despite tasting sweet, these gummies carry no sugar inside. The sweetness is because of the sweetener added with no additional calories. The product aims to make weight loss easy by acting on two chemicals, dopamine, and serotonin, inside the body. This way, it activates the brown fat accumulation and uses all white fat to fuel the body.

The company ensures using high-quality sources to obtain the ingredients but does not provide any information on these sources. The manufacturing is completed using an FDA-approved facility following all quality standards. The final product carries no contamination, fillers, toxins, and unnecessary chemicals, making it safe for long-term use.

Do not worry about the safety levels of these ingredients, as none of these can cause a side effect or allergic reaction in the user. There is plenty of research data on them, defining their safe nature and making them suitable for human consumption. Moreover, the company conducts quality tests for every batch using third-party laboratories so that the customer receives the best quality product only.

Here is a brief description of major ingredients inside the Slim Sweets formula and how they play a role in weight loss.

  • Grains of Paradise (Paradoxine)

The first name in this list is paradoxical, obtained from the Western African region. This unique ingredient acts upon elevating brown adipose tissue or brown fat by changing white fat into a dense brown fat layer. The brown fat itself is the burning furnace that uses all the extra calories in the body and uses it to pay for millions of cellular activities inside the body. As a result, the body loses a lot of weight in very little time, leaving behind a slim and toned body.

  • Griffonia Simplicifolia

Next is Griffonia simplicifolia, another plant from Africa with scientifically proven health benefits. It has a high amount of 5-HTP inside, a neurotransmitter already produced inside the body. This 5-HTP is changed to serotonin, controlling the appetite and suppressing the food cravings. The body stops emotional eating, overeating, and aggressive eating. So weight management becomes easier to handle.

There are no allergens, harmful chemicals, or fillers inside. This product is safe for everyone, excluding children, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and older adults with poor immunity. Feel free to contact the customer support team to get product-related answers.

Where to Buy Slim Sweets? Pricing Details And Discounts

As mentioned before, the only way to purchase Slim Sweets is through the official website ( These gummies are not available anywhere else, not even at Amazon, GNC, and Walmart, the hub of dietary supplements. The company deals with all orders directly, and the customers are required to make the order and payment online, using the official link. Once the order and payment is confirmed, the company dispatches the order that reaches the customer within three to five working days (within the US).

The price of Slim Sweets is fairly affordable after the discount, and you can get a whole month’s supply for $69.00 only. The original cost of one bottle was $119, but the company is currently running a promotional offer that allows the customers to save a lot of money.

The company also offers bundle packs to buy more bottles for a discounted price. Read the following to know the latest prices.

  • Get one bottle of Slim Sweets for $69.00 (Free US Delivery)
  • Get three bottles of Slim Sweets for $138.00 (Free US Delivery)
  • Get six bottles of Slim Sweets for $207.00 (Free US Delivery)

Each bottle is one whole month’s supply (30 gummies), but if you plan to take two gummies a day or share this bottle with a friend or partner, one bottle is not enough. The bundle packs cut the original price and save a lot of money. So consider buying in bulk if you have decided to use it for three months or more.

You can take it once or twice a day with a 6-8 hours gap between two doses. The results can be slow at first, but they become much more prominent after three months. For most people, there is a visible weight loss between three to six months, but they can continue using the daily dose, to maintain the results, even after this time.

Official Order Page Link:


My Fast Track To Fat Loss System (FREE)- a daily fitness tracker to check the weight loss progress

Access To The Online Community (Lifetime Access)- an opportunity to meet and talk to other Slim Sweets users and get to know the weight loss secrets

Additional Offer

All the customers of Slim Sweets have this chance to get a sugar-free energy drink mix for a minimum price. This product is called American Natural Super Red, an all-in-one energy drink that costs you only $49.00 if you purchase it with Slim Sweets gummies.

It is a delicious powder mix in a refreshing flavor that is raspberry lemonade. Its ingredients include beetroot, vitamin B12, ashwagandha, and ginseng, all of which are herbal. There are less than 2g carbs in each serving and no sugar at all. Moreover, there is no gluten, nuts, soy, or GMO ingredients inside.

The real price of this product is $69.00, but for Slim Sweets customers, it is available for $49.00 only. Use it alongside the gummies to lose more weight in less time.

What if There is No Effect of Slim Sweets?

Despite being a legit weight loss help, there are still chances for this product not to work up to the mark in some users. There are some hidden reasons for obesity, too, like genetics and underlying medical issues, that cannot be fixed with dietary supplements. If your weight is not moving and you feel this product is not doing any help, do not worry, as there is still no loss.

The company is ready to refund the order cost for all unhappy and dissatisfied customers. If you do not like this product or do not think it can help you, talk to the company and get a full refund. This offer is only valid for the orders made through the official website.

Unlike other companies, applying for Slim Sweets refund is 365 days, which makes one whole year. This time is enough to decide on checking and analyzing this product. And if you see no results, you can contact the company anytime within one year after the purchase.

About The Company

Slim Sweets is made by Prosper Wellness, a Colorado-based company owned and run by Kriss Berg. It also operates under the name of FITera.

Here is the physical address of the company to confirm its status.

Mailing Address: 1990 Depew Street, Edgewater, CO 80214

The company has an active customer support system to help customers with their issues. If you have questions, write your concern and email it at the following address, and a representative from the company will contact you within 34-48 hours with a solution.


Slim Sweets Reviews – The Final Verdict

Slim Sweets gummies show promising results in weight management, and these effects are caused by 100% plant-based ingredients. There is no need to pay for expensive gym trainers or sign up for a diet meal delivery system while using these gummies. Simply eat in moderation and improve your activity levels, and let the gummies do the rest.

According to the customer reports, people have lost between 15lbs to 30lbs with these gummies. If it has worked for all these people, there are good chances of it working on the rest too. If you have decided to invest in it, hurry up and confirm your orders because only a few bottles are left. For more details, click here to visit the official website.

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