New Orleans ‘Takeover’ By Baton Rouge Car Clubs, Street Racing Groups Outrages Residents, Officials

Drone footage showing a vehicle doing “burnouts” and donuts at a New Orleans intersection posted by the YouTube account “Street Kings Takeover” on Dec. 21, 2021






A so-called “takeover” of New Orleans streets by several Baton Rouge car clubs and street racing groups has resulted in outrage from both New Orleans officials and residents after several social media videos showing street racers backing up traffic, blocking police vehicles, and then jumping on them when police attempted to get through went viral on Sunday.

The event was advertised widely on social media beforehand, with posts on Instagram and Facebook telling both participants and onlookers (and potentially law enforcement) where to be:

A social media post advertising a “takeover” of New Orleans that resulted in viral social media videos that outraged New Orleans residents and officials.
A social media post showing a “city takeover” pop up stunt driving event was advertised on social media well beforehand.

The account which posted the original social media posts and videos showing brandished weapons originated – 2activeBR on Instagram –  appears to have been taken down. However, videos posted by Street Kings Takeover on YouTube show that these popups have been going on since at least 2018, both in Baton Rouge and New Orleans (the earliest New Orleans “takeover” video is dated Dec. 21, 2018).

“We are a city under siege, drowning in a culture of lawlessness and despair,” said New Orleans City Council Vice President JP Morell. “Handguns, submachine guns & assault rifles were on full display as speeding cars drifted through crowds of people. These videos highlight what we already know: we have allowed an environment to flourish in this city where everything is permitted & nothing is prohibited.”

Councilmember Oliver Thomas echoed Morell’s sentiment, likening these events to something from DC Comics saying, “This is not Gotham City. The Joker and Penguin don’t run this city.”

NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said that drivers in these events will now face charges of aggravated obstruction of highway or commerce, which he says could result in sentences of up to 15 years in jail.

“There’s no way in hell we should be allowing anyone to come into our city and rule our city,” Ferguson said. He has also called for new laws that will allow for official seizure of the “shows” and that will allow for penalties against spectators as well.

Councilmember Eugene Green is proposing a city ordinance that might do just that.

“It’s going to define stunt acting and it’s also going to hold spectators accountable because these guys are doing it because of the spectators,” Green said. The city council is set to take up that ordinance this Thursday.

Mayor Cantrell released a statement fully endorsing increased penalties from the perpetrators, and urging more respect for law enforcement.

“The reckless criminal behavior that continues to occur on our streets poses a threat to public safety and is completely unacceptable,” Cantrell said. “These brazen actions have accelerated to a complete disregard and blatant disrespect for law enforcement. This ends now! The dedicated women and men of the New Orleans Police Department have pledged their lives to protecting and keeping the public safe. We must show them the gratitude and respect they’ve earned. My administration stands with the New Orleans Police Department as they seek to increase criminal penalties associated with this type of behavior, and as they relentlessly pursue all perpetrators who place the public at risk.”

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