House Votes to Raise Age for Semi-Automatic Weapons, Starbucks to Close Public Bathrooms, Postmates Faces Heat Over Pride Month Campaign

House Votes to Raise Age for Buying Semi-Automatic Weapons

The House voted 228-to-199 to raise the age for buying semiautomatic weapons to 21-years-old and to ban the sale of ammunition magazines with the capacity of more than 15 rounds.

There does not seem to be hope that Congress will act.

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Starbucks to Close Bathrooms to Public

Starbuck’s Chief Executive Howard Shultz said that the company is ending its open bathroom policy to ensure that the coffee shop remains a place of safety and protection. According to Shultz, as mental health problems grow across the nation, it becomes increasingly hard for employees to manage an open bathroom policy to non-customers who come into stores.

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Postmates Faces Heat Over “Bottom-Friendly” Menu

Postmates started an ad campaign in celebration of Pride Month that featured a “Bottom Friendly” menu, and it is has generated mixed reviews on social media. Postmates responded to a remark stating that the company is “tired of heterosexual sex being the main focus of sexual education. Homosexual sex, specifically bottoming, is all too often omitted and stigmatized.”

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