Trump Lawyer Sought Pardon After Insurrection, Around 20 Juveniles Take Over Youth Correction Facility in Louisiana, Galapagos Tortoise Not Extinct

Trump Lawyer Sought Pardon After Insurrection

Former United States President Donald Trump’s lawyer, John Eastman, asked Rudy Giuliani, for a pardon a few days after the insurrection on January 6, after Eastman had advised Trump and pushed the theory that Vice President at the time Mike Pence could overturn the election. Eastman and Giuliani also spoke at the “Stop the Steal” rally that preceded the Capitol riot.

Eastman did not receive a pardon.

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Around 20 Juveniles Tried to Take Over Youth Correctional Facility in Louisiana

Around 20 juveniles housed in a youth correctional center in Bridge City attempted to overhaul their facility Thursday evening, exiting their living areas and “taking over parts” of the facility, according to Jefferson Parish’s Captain Jason Rivarde.

SWAT members were sent in to restore order. At least one employee and two youth were injured and sent to local hospitals.

Earlier in the week, five juveniles escaped the facility, and one still remains at large as of early Friday.

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Giant Tortoise Believed Extinct Found in Galapagos Islands Alive

The “fantastic giant tortoise,” which was believed to be extinct as it was only identified once in 1906, has now been found once again in the Galapagos Islands alive.

The tortoise, whom researchers named Fernanda, was originally in 2019. After sequencing her genome, scientists confirmed this week that the tortoise is in fact the same species that was considered extinct. She is estimated to be more than 50 years old.

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