5 of the Best Ways to Advertise in Miami

Miami is a city that almost half a million people call home. It is also a city that sees thousands of tourists each season. With that being said there is no shortage of advertising opportunities in this vibrant city.

If you are a local business or if you are looking to expand your brand visibility all over the country, Miami is a fantastic place to start advertising in. If you are ready to get your business seen in one of Florida’s most populous cities, then read ahead for five of the best ways to advertise in Miami.

1. Social Media

While Los Angeles has been a known hub for influencers who advertise products and services on their pages, Miami has also seen a rise in influencers. Advertising through local influencers is one of the most effective ways for brands to get their names out there in 2022. However, businesses looking to advertise to a local market may struggle with this depending on location. With more and more influencers moving to Miami, brands have a unique opportunity to use to their advantage.

Since influencers already have a trusting relationship with their audience, anything they advertise will have a built-in customer base. This is what makes this method extremely effective. The downside to this, however, can be the cost. Influencer advertising can come at a high cost that while effective, isn’t always an option for smaller businesses or startups.

However, it is important to note that the cost of this type of advertising will depend on how many followers your chosen influencer has. Seek out smaller accounts with less than 10,000 followers if you don’t have a massive budget.

2. Billboards

Billboards are a timeless and classic advertising option, and that is for a good reason. Billboards are highly visible, non-intrusive and cost effective when used correctly. And in a city like Miami, there is no shortage of high traffic areas to put your billboard in. Miami billboards vary in cost by location and campaign time.

If you have an expertly designed billboard that is eye-catching and gets your message across, then you will be able to increase your brand visibility using this method. There are two different types of billboards that you can choose from. A standard static billboard, or a digital one.

A standard billboard is going to cost you less then a digital billboard, but a digital billboard is better at drawing in an audience. People only have so much time to keep their eyes on your advertisement. If your ad is in an area with many other ads, then you will be competing for the attention of passerby’s. Digital billboards are hard to keep your eyes off.

They utilize a digital screen, so the audience becomes drawn into any graphics or animations that are rotated on your billboard. If you have the money to spend on a digital billboard, then we definitely recommend this type of advertising.

 3. Street Furniture

Another great way to display an ad in Miami is on street furniture. Miami gets a lot of foot traffic, so it could be to your benefit to utilize this type of advertising. In Miami, street furniture advertising is done on bicycles, scooters, transit shelters, bus benches, kiosks, and newsstands. Since these ads are usually on things that people spend time loitering around, it is highly likely that your ad will get great exposure when placed in the right area.

4. Wallscapes

A wallscape ad is an advertisement that is displayed on the side of a large building. They are usually attached to prime real estate and have the ability to accommodate any shape or size, no matter how unusual. Being that these ads are often much larger in size than the standard billboard ad, the visibility on these is unmatched.

Businesses that use wallscape advertising know how to make a serious impact. These types of ads are also most likely to be shared on social media. Instagramers love to take photos in front of well decorated wallscapes. If your ad is particularly aesthetic, it could even go viral. If you are lucky enough to have your wallscape ad circulating on social media, then you have gained access to loads of additional free advertising.

 5. Transit

Any major city like Miami will be highly effective for those who want to utilize transit advertising. Transit advertising is done in or on modes of public transportation such as airborne banners, airport advertising, bus interiors or wraps, mobile billboards, subway advertising or ads on top of taxis. Miami has a healthy public transport system, so these ads will get seen a lot.

Expand Your Brand in Miami!

Once you have determined which type of ad will be the most effective at reaching your target audience then you are ready to start increasing your brand’s visibility. Miami is a great place to grow your business so don’t miss out! 


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