New Cost-Effective Mini Portable AC is Saving Thousands in Energy Costs

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post promoting the mini AC AirChill product. 

As we experience record heat waves across the globe this summer, consumers are looking for cost-effective ways to stay cool. Utility companies are racking up millions of dollars above cost as our central AC units are working overtime to cool our homes.

What if we told you that you could save thousands in energy costs the summer by simply turning your central AC up to 78 degrees—as recommended by the Department of Energy—while also using a new mini AC airchill device that can cool a surrounding area to 69 degrees? For a reduced price of only $39.99 for a limited time only the new portable mini AC airchill device can do just that.

Wow! Just think of how much you can cool your surrounding area just  buying 10 of these! Only one will do wonders in saving energy costs. AC in your vehicle not working? No problem. Just

As the site states,

“The AirChill™ takes in water and blasts out cool, misty air. It feels just like that first breath of fresh air on a cool, dewy morning!

This water-powered design allows it to reach every corner of your room and maximize the cooling effect.”

The AirChill also chills, purifies, and humidifies.

“The AirChill™ takes in cold water and blasts out cool, misty air. It feels just like that first breath of fresh air on a cool, dewy morning! This water-powered design allows it to reach every corner of your room and maximize the cooling effect.”

Rapid Cooling Action

“Unlike traditional AC systems that slowly try to cool down an entire room or house, the AirChill™ focuses on just one area at a time. You’ll feel the ice-cold air in mere seconds! The result? A shockingly low electricity bill that won’t make you sweat!”

Easy to Use

“No complicated set-up needed! Simply charge the AirChill™ using the included USB charging cable, turn it on, and relax. It’s that easy! Get budget-friendly, fast-acting cooling with AirChill™.”

Please visit the site for more questions and answers that you may have! 

Help save the planet, reduce your energy costs, and stay cool in the summer heat!



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