FDA to Order Juul Off Markets, Texas GOP Adopt Anti-LGBTQ Platform, Earthquake in Afghanistan Kills At Least 1,000

FDA to Order Juul E-Cigarettes Off of the US Market

The Food and Drug Administration could announce its decision to order Juul Lab Inc. to take its e-cigarettes off of the United States market as early as Wednesday, following a nearly two-year review of data presented by the company.

Juul’s sales have been dropping in recent years. The company has faced heightened scrutiny from many as it appeals its nicotine products to teens.

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Texas GOP Adopts Anti-LGBTQ Platform, Referring to Gay as “Abnormal”

The Texas GOP approved an updated 40-page party platform Saturday ant its biennial convention in Houston to refer to homosexuality as “abnormal” and “opposes all efforts to validate transgender identity.”

The new section also opposes the use of public funds for homosexuality, transgender, diversity and inclusion efforts, as well as gender-affirming care.

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Afghanistan Earthquake Kills At Least 1,000

A 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck 28 miles southwest of the provincial capital of Khost early Wednesday, killing at least 1,000 and injuring more than 1,600 others. Search-and-rescue efforts continue, but wind and heavy rain prevent helicopters from landing.

Tremors were also felt in Pakistan, but damage there was not as severe.

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