Best Colleges in Louisiana in 2022

Speaking about Louisiana, one may immediately think of its rich cultural experience and massive historical heritage. Another distinctive feature of the state is the number of educational institutions.

The state’s capital city, Baton Rouge, is home to several colleges, including the renowned Louisiana State university. Several more are scattered all over, and every year, they attract students within the local community, from across the US, and from several parts of the globe with their world-class programs. Here are some of the best colleges in Louisiana if you hope to choose it for college.

1. Louisiana State University


This is one of the best-known higher education institutions in Louisiana. Being the states flagship institution, it attracts thousands of applicants each year, and only the best make it here. It ranks 153rd nationally, and its famous alumni include some serious names in all possible pheres in the US and globally.

There is no doubt that everyone has heard of the best universities in Florida offering the most interesting programs for students. Well, Louisiana University takes the lead in business and other fields in this state.

2. Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University


This private institution was founded in 1923 and accommodates at least 1700 students per year. It is funded by the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady, North American Province. This school has one of the lowest acceptance rates at 47%. It focuses a lot on medical science, nursing science, and nursing practice,

3. Southeastern Louisiana University


Located in Hammond, Louisiana, this school enrolls a little under 10,000 students annually. Its most popular majors are Liberal Arts and Humanities, and Nursing, with students from within and outside. It was founded in 1925 and is ranked 93rd out of all South universities. Its 365 acres territory allows it to have as many amenities as possible for all the programs it offers.

4. Southern University at Shreveport


This public institution is known for its undergraduate degrees, with 1,774 bachelor’s degrees in 2020. The authorities at the institution underline that they do not discriminate based on race, color, disability, age, national origin and gender. Most programs are completed on campus, with a few offered entirely online. There is also one in New Orleans.

5. Northwestern State University


This public 4-year school provides bachelor’s degrees primarily, with some master’s and doctorate offers annually. In 2020, some 1,377 students attained their bachelor’s while 11 graduated with doctorates. Most of the classes are now online, although the school is predominantly offline during normal times.

6. Dillard University


Dillard, New Orleans, predominantly offers on-campus courses, and classes are limited to good tutor: student ratios. The fee at this 4-year private university is $19,281, and students can choose to live off-campus if they like. No associate, Master’s, or Doctorate degrees were earned in 2020, but some 223 bachelor's degrees were attained.

7. Centenary College


This private institution, established in 1825, has a small enrollment range of less than 1,000 a year, so the process is quite competitive. It is built on 65 acres where various schools are located to accommodate all the learning facilities for its discerning body of learners. Centenary is known for its engaging coursework that tackles international challenges, hence its popularity with students from various parts of the world.

8. Tulane University, New Orleans


Ranked 42nd among national higher education institutions, this place has a one-of-a-kind School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine as well as a well-reviewed law program. Only a few students live off-campus as the policy is to stay on-campus. The Newcomb College Institute within it offers support and mentorship to the female students.

9. Loyola University


This is a private Jesuit university. With a 72% acceptance rate, this university in New Orleans is quite selective, so applicants have to be outstanding to stand a chance with SAT scores of 1050 to 1240. It has accredited business programs and is ranked 202nd on the national list.

10. Louisiana Tech University


Founded in 1894, Louisiana Tech had an enrollment of over 10,000 in the fall of 2021. It is in a rural setting on 2,277 acres, so students are not distracted by anything when studying here. Its quarter-based academic calendar is quite popular with college applicants.

11. Nicholls State


This public institution has been around since 1948, offering a semester-based academic calendar since. The rural setting on 287 acres of land makes up for a scenic view and relaxing atmosphere for studying. It is ranked 88th regionally. It had a 93% acceptance rate in 2021, and the application fee is $20.


Since Louisiana is known for its wide selection of educational institutions, it is difficult to make a choice while studying there. If you are local, it might be a bit easier for you, the education cost will be lower, and the admission process will not be as difficult. Before applying to any of the schools, it might be a good idea to research the tuition fee. Choosing the right place to study at is a stressful process. Before actually applying, it is important to choose your major, analyze performance, and only then select the most suitable option. Do not hesitate to visit several places before actually making the decision.

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Jeanie Anderson is a sociology professor and member of the higher education committee who also writes for PapersOwl. She advocates for the accessibility of higher education, leads the campaigns on the topic and researches its influence on the state’s positive development. Jeanie’s academic research has become a basis of numerous educational regulations.

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