Top Three Things to do in New Orleans

New Orleans is a place that is steeped in history and is renowned for its music, culture and people. Most notably, the Mardi Gras is held in New Orleans on a yearly basis and is the main reason people flock to the city from far and wide. However, there are a number of additional reasons and a variety of things to do in New Orleans. This article looks at a few of the top reasons to visit and what to do when there.

Have a Culinary Adventure

New Orleans food is one of the top things to do, yes, it is obvious that one of the things that you will have to do while in the area is to eat, but by having a little prior knowledge your eating experience will be a whole lot better. The first thing that you must be aware of and that will form part of the taste experience will be the difference between Creole and Cajun food. Simply put Creole food is cooked and eaten in the city while Cajun is more rural and from the countryside.

Both types of cooking include large amounts of local ingredients and both menus are dominated by seafood, local herbs such as sassafras, wild game and fowl. However, the difference lies in the fact that the Cajun cooking style was determined by the settlers and the access they had to outside ingredients and food knowledge, while the Creole style was based on those in the hinterland of the area and on what was available locally.


From the World War II museum to the wonderfully old French quarter, there is an array of entertainment on offer. As the birthplace of jazz in the region, there will also always be music playing. Bourbon Street will be full of people late into the night with live music and tap dancers vying for your attention. The range of entertainment is as widely varied as the food and if you plan a trip to the area, you must factor in when the Mardi Gras will be held, as it is a highlight for many who visit.

Fishing and the Bayou

Spend time on the water, fishing if it’s your thing, or simply take a steamboat down the Mississippi River. This is a great trip and will serve to relax you after some late nights full of fun. And if you need something to keep you busy as you wait for a bite, there’s always online games and entertainment while on the water. Lucky Larry’s lobstermania 2 slot machine will keep you entertained for hours and has a great theme to keep you in the New Orleans vibe.

The city has come a long way since the tragedy that was hurricane Katrina and there is still so much on offer in New Orleans. The three aspects mentioned herein are but the tip of the iceberg but go a long way to making the city what it is. If you are planning on a visit then there, it’s definitely the food, the entertainment and the outdoors that will serve to entertain and fascinate you.

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