5 Summer Trips Every Young Adult Needs To Take After Graduation


It’s finally summertime and the time of year when everyone wants to get out and explore. If you’re a young adult who has just graduated, you may be wondering what kind of trips you should take this summer. Well, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this article, young leader Jackson Bonnen will discuss five fantastic summer trips every young adult needs to take. So pack your bags and get ready for an adventure.

A New City Or Country

After spending four years (or more) earning a degree, it can be tempting to want to stay put and start working on building a career. There’s nothing wrong with this plan, but it’s also a good idea to spend some time exploring the world. For young people who have just graduated, a trip to a new city or country can be an invaluable experience. Not only will it provide an opportunity to learn about other cultures, but it can also help to broaden one’s perspective and deepen one’s understanding of the world. This type of experience can be invaluable in both personal and professional contexts in today’s increasingly globalized world. If you’re looking for adventure after graduation, don’t discount the idea of exploring a new corner of the world.

A Camping Trip

After a long and challenging school year, there is nothing more refreshing than a camping trip in a beautiful location with friends or family. Not only is it a great way to relax and unwind, but it can also be an excellent opportunity to bond with loved ones. In addition, camping provides an opportunity to unplug from technology and connect with nature. For young people who are used to being constantly connected, this can be a very valuable experience. Moreover, camping can help to boost mental and physical health. The fresh air and exercise are good for the body, and being in nature can help reduce stress and promote happiness and well-being. So if you are looking for a fun and beneficial way to spend your summer break, consider going on a camping trip.

A Road Trip

A road trip is a perfect way for young people like Jackson Bonnen to celebrate graduation. Not only does it offer a chance to see new places and experience different cultures, but it also provides an opportunity to bond with friends or family. Moreover, a road trip can be a great way to learn more about oneself. By spending time alone on the open road, graduates can learn to appreciate silence and solitude, which are often in short supply in the hectic world of work and family life. In addition, a road trip can help young people develop a sense of independence and self-reliance. If you’re looking for adventure after graduation, consider taking a road trip along the coast or through the mountains. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

A Staycation

After a busy year of study, many young people look forward to a well-deserved break. However, with travel and accommodation costs rising, many graduates find it difficult to justify spending their hard-earned money on vacation. Fortunately, there is an alternative that can offer both relaxation and adventure: the staycation. By choosing to holiday locally, graduates can save money while experiencing all their city or town has to offer. A staycation also has the added benefit of being more eco-friendly than traveling further afield. So if you’re looking for an affordable and sustainable way to celebrate your graduation, consider taking a staycation in a local hotel or bed and breakfast. You might find that it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long year of study.

An Adventure Vacation

Taking an adventure vacation can be an excellent way for young people who have just graduated to blow off some steam and have some fun. It can also help them build confidence, learn new skills, and make new friends. For example, white water rafting can be a great way to get away from it all and have a thrilling experience. It can also help build teamwork skills and give rafters a sense of accomplishment. Skiing can be another great option for those looking for an adventure. It can help improve balance and coordination while providing a beautiful vacation backdrop. And finally, bungee jumping can be an exhilarating experience that will create lasting memories. It can also help people overcome their fear of heights and push themselves outside their comfort zones.


Graduating from school is a significant accomplishment, and it’s important to celebrate in a way that you’ll remember forever. Whether you’re looking to explore new places, bond with loved ones, or push yourself outside of your comfort zone, there are plenty of great options for summer trips. So get out there and enjoy the world.

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