House Codifies Same-Sex Marriage, USPS To Electrify Trucks, MIT Finds Radio Signal Lightyears Away

House Passes Bill to Codify Same-Sex Marriage

The US House of Representatives passed the Respect for Marriage Act in a 267 to 157 vote on Tuesday in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling of Roe v. Wade last month.

Forty-seven Republicans joined all Democrats in support of the Act that protects interracial marriage and repeals the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, that had defined marriage as between one man and one woman.

The legislation is now up against Senate, which will need at least 10 Republicans to join with Democrats to pass.

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USPS Will Make 40% Of New Trucks Electric

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) announced Wednesday that it will electrify at least 40 percent of its new delivery fleet. This is an increase from the current 10 percent plan, and it can mark a major step toward reducing the government’s environmental footprint.

USPS plans to buy at least 25,000 electric delivery vehicles.

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Astronomers Detect ‘Heartbeat’ Radio Signal Lightyears Away

A group of astronomers at the Massachusetts Institute and other locations with the Canada-based Copernicus Hyperspectral Imaging Mission for the Environment (CHIME telescope) discovered a “strange and persistent radio signal” coming from deep space.

The fast radio burst, or FRB, is different from others discovered because it lasted around three seconds, or about 1,000 times longer than previously-identified signals. The scientists said the radio waves repeated every 0.2 seconds in a “clear periodic patter, similar to a beating heart.”

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