Reasons Why Physical Therapy is Beneficial

Where advanced therapies help in removing the cause of ailment for the patient, physical therapy helps in bringing back the normal body functioning after a surgery, illness, or injury. Licensed physiotherapists are present in hospitals or other clinical settings to help patients regain their pre-injury body strength. Many doctors recommend a patient try physical therapy due to its beneficial effects. Let’s discuss some of these advantages. 

1. Pain Reduction:

Exercises and manual therapy techniques help in restoring the normal functioning of damaged muscles and joints. Restoration of normal function and anatomy helps in relieving pain. It has also been found that physical therapy prevents the return of pain. 

2. Physiotherapy and Surgery:

Physiotherapy is done before and after the surgery to keep the joints and muscles in good functioning conditions. If you go into surgery in good shape, you come out strong and heal faster. Similarly, post-surgery physiotherapy helps in building back the strength lost in surgery or injury. If physiotherapy helps the person in relieving pain or healing the injury, surgery might not be needed. 

3. Joint Mobility:

If your joints are stiff due to an injury, advancing age, or unknown reasons, physical therapy can help. Stretching helps with muscle-specific restrictions of mobility. Physical therapy includes exercises that help in restoring lost joint mobility. A physiotherapist can make individual-specific plans depending upon your requirements. Physical therapists also help you select the proper cane, crutches, or support after analyzing your injury and your needs. 

4. Recovery From Stroke:

A stroke is mostly followed by damage to the normal functioning of an individual in various areas of life. Physical therapy helps the patient not only in dealing with joint mobility and muscle restrictions but also boosts their self-esteem by providing them with some control in their life. Physical therapy helps the person in gaining physical balance so they can move around their home independently and do their tasks like going to the toilet, bathing, and changing clothes. It also takes off the burden from the caregivers. 

5. Improve Balance:

When you start physical therapy, your fall risk will be calculated. If you’re at high risk of falling due to balance problems in your body, therapists will create conditions to mimic real-life events which will help them assess your body’s response. Therapists will help you with exercises and necessary devices. The vestibular system controls and regulates balance functions. Problems in the vestibular system like Meniere’s disease can cause balance problems. Therapists have various maneuvers to reverse vertigo and nausea that occurs due to vestibular pathologies. 

6. Disease Rehabilitation:

Physiotherapy is recommended for various diseases like diabetes. In diabetes, the foot swells up and causes hindrance to normal body functions. Physiotherapists help diabetics live with the condition. Exercise also helps in managing blood sugar levels. People recovering from a heart attack are also recommended physiotherapy by the doctor to maintain their normal body functions and gain their strength back. Age-related diseases like osteoporosis might end up in needing a joint replacement. Physiotherapy helps the patients get comfortable after joint replacement. Physical therapy strengthens the lungs, so it also helps with pulmonary diseases. 

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