Elvis (2022) Film Review

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Elvis’ fans are in luck. Recently, the film in which we can find out what the rock star’s life was like from his childhood to his death was released in cinemas all over the world. 

The director, Baz Luhrmann, is in charge of bringing his story to the big screen. He has succeeded in making clear and emphasising what we all already knew: that Elvis Presley is a legend.

Luhrmann had been out of the film industry for nine years, since the release of The Great Gatsby, and there was no better way to return than with a film like one about Elvis. Although it is a biopic, it does not have the narratives of a biopic, so you get to understand why the singer is such an influential figure in the history of world music.

If you have not seen the film and want to know if it is worth going to the cinema to watch, we will share our personal review with you.

The first few minutes

Just by watching the beginning of the film you know it is going to be good. This is thanks to its images and editing, which stimulate the most emotional part of the story and the characters that are part of it.

Although the story of Elvis is told, the film takes into account another perspective, making the singer not the only protagonist of the film. In fact, the narrator throughout the film is Colonel Tom Parker, played by the great Tom Hanks. Parker is the person everyone points to as the one to blame for the artist’s death. Although, at the beginning of the film he warns that the real culprit for the tragic ending is the love of the audience.

By this he means that Presley never wanted to take a break and abused the shows and tours too much, as it can be seen in the biopic. Its director succeeds in making the viewer connect with the facts through a thesis on the showmanship and lifestyle that led to Elvis’ death.

The legend of Las Vegas

When we think of Las Vegas two images come to mind: casinos and the King of Rock. On the one hand, nothing compares to the experience offered by a Las Vegas casino. However, today you can find a number of platforms that offer many benefits such as online casino free spins that attract new players. You can choose whether you want a no deposit free spins offer or whether you want to make your first deposit. You can even choose the size of your bonus. All you have to do is choose the most appropriate bonus, register at the casino and claim the offer. 

On the other hand, the King of Rock, who has been brought to our time again by the successful film. But without making any attempt to preserve his figure as fabulous, fantastical and focused on his great feats as an artist. Luhrmann makes excessive use of the audio visual tools at his disposal to elevate the essence of the myth that is Elvis Presley during the 2 hours and 39 minutes of the film.

The viewer also learns about the singer’s musical origins and his evolution: gospel. This style of music was born in African-American churches in the United States. Seeing Presley, a white man moving like an African-American, aroused both interest and hatred.

The show

Many films that focus on telling the story of an artist or band tend to measure every move and take into account every detail of the performances when recreating it on film. It happened with Bohemian Rhapsody, but in this film they focus on recreating the emotions they caused in Elvis and his fans.

None of this would make any sense without Austin Butler, who plays the rock legend. It is worth noting his presence in front of the camera, which will most likely make him one of the nominees for next year’s Oscars.

Besides, special mention must be made of the wardrobe, as the singer’s aesthetic evolves as the film progresses and we observe the different stages of his life.

What is clear is that Baz Luhrmann has achieved what perhaps no other would have ever achieved: to transfer the emotion of the past to our times so that it is clear that Elvis is and will always be a legend.

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