5 Healthy Ways to Rejuvenate Your Body

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Our bodies are responsible for the digestion of the food we eat and the liquid we drink. However, our minds constantly work to register emotions and process various thoughts. But with time, the derivatives of both these processes begin to form, causing our minds and bodies to slow down and become less effective.

Besides, human bodies are vulnerable to poisonous substances – the environment around us contains pesticides, pollutants are always present in the air, and chemicals are a part of different products we use daily. All these factors combine to make us feel mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. Most of us wish to completely reset ourselves, restore mental focus, and set our wellness on the right track. But unfortunately, we lack the courage and can’t seem to muster the confidence and motivation to do so. And this often leaves us feeling stranded.

But do you know there’s something extraordinary about the human body? It possesses the incredible capacity to reset and revitalize itself. It has the built-in power to undo the bad practices you have committed in the past. The key is to figure out the habits that detriment your well-being; ultimately, you can take the reins and detoxify your body. 

Let’s flesh out some ways that can help you cleanse your mind and body:

Ensure proper sleep

Sleep is a natural and remarkable way to heal and rejuvenate the body. It provides an opportunity to re-energize our brains and gives time to the body to wipe out redundant toxins. 

People who don’t get recommended hours of sleep every night suffer from health problems and mental decline. Individuals with poor sleep quality or insomnia are at heightened risk of substance use disorder. That’s because these individuals self-medicate sleep issues by relying on stimulant drugs.

If you have been battling substance abuse symptoms, it’s essential to seek professional treatment. Pick a reliable treatment facility such as Delphi Behavioral Health Group to receive personalized services and the entire continuum of care. 

This way, you can choose any treatment option, such as medical detox, residential, dual diagnosis, intensive outpatient, or any other that fits well with your needs. Not only this, but clinical therapies and optimum care can help you understand the roots of addiction and get on the road to sobriety.

Chew food slowly

Did you know that individuals who eat too quickly are often likely to be more overweight than the ones who eat slowly? 

As you chew your meal, your body discharges fullness hormones that signal the brain that you’re full and should now stop eating. But since this process takes place after around 20 minutes, fast eaters, in the meantime, consume excessive amounts of food and receive this indicator afterward. In turn, these large meal portions give rise to bloating and cause the digestive system to overwork.

The large meal also causes food to move swiftly through the digestive tube as your body expeditiously creates space for incoming food. This rapid movement of food from the small intestine can give rise to diarrhea and other poor digestion problems.

Therefore, the next time you begin eating your food, make a conscious effort to chew slowly to ensure complete absorption of nutrients from the food. Eating slowly and adequately helps the body to send signals and makes you feel more content after finishing the meal.

Drink plenty of water

Our bodies can survive without food for approximately three weeks but cannot go without drinking water for more than three days. At the same time, it’s pretty easy to overlook the significance of water and only drink it when one feels thirsty or when the throat runs dry. However, it’s worth noting that our bodies comprise 70% of water, and thus, it emphasizes the need to drink water for the proper functioning of the body.

Although how much water a person should drink each day is contingent on various factors such as age, gender, height, activity levels, and weight. However, in line with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) guidelines, men should drink 3 liters of water (equivalent to 13 cups). In contrast, women should drink more than 2 liters of water (equivalent to 9 cups) daily.

Drinking an adequate amount of water assists in the metabolism process. It also helps maintain energy levels and contributes to mental alertness. Furthermore, staying hydrated also aids in shedding some pounds and preventing constipation. Altogether, water is undeniably the detox powerhouse.

Limit the intake of alcohol

Although this one might appear obvious, it’s relevant to note that alcohol is a psychoactive substance found in different liquid forms. As a result, it can spell detrimental effects on hormone balance and other vital organs.

According to observational research, there’s no healthy dose for the consumption of alcohol. The study, which considered data from more than 25,000 individuals, reported that moderate alcohol consumption could negatively impact the human brain. The ethanol found in alcohol tends to minimize contact between brain cells and cause brain constriction. Also, people who binge drink or have high BMI and blood pressure issues are more vulnerable to amnesia and memory loss.

Moreover, the liver is one of the most crucial organs and plays a pivotal role in various processes, such as energy production and digestion. It works to get the bloodstream rid of the toxins or change them into nontoxic substances. The constant consumption of alcohol means the liver must constantly work to make your body free of toxins. Therefore, reduce alcohol consumption to keep this detoxifying organ in proper shape.

Pen down the feelings

When it comes to detoxification, addressing the thoughts and emotions you have inadvertently stopped from springing up in your mind is crucial. Bottling your feelings can cause negative repercussions for your mind and body. For instance, the blockage of emotions can enhance the likelihood of developing depression or cardiac abnormality. 

Therefore, begin a ritual of identifying your feelings that have been bothering you. Then, start jotting down all troubles, worries, emotions, and regrets. Understand the reasons why you feel this way. Instead of suppressing these emotions, try to make the most of them as you become ready to take on the world as an emotionally intelligent individual.

With that said, also scribble down all the positive things that happened during the day. This way, you can change the perspective of your mind and mold a positive attitude.

Final Words

We are vulnerable to poisons; the constant exposure to toxins exerts excessive strain on the body’s internal systems and detoxification pathways. And this, in turn, makes us feel run down and drained and causes a hormonal imbalance. Nonetheless, you can incorporate self-care strategies to rejuvenate your body and enhance your overall well-being.

There are several ways to help your body detoxify naturally. No, you don’t need to invest a significant sum of money in therapies or various supplements. Instead, simple lifestyle changes can work miracles. For instance, reducing alcohol consumption, getting adequate sleep, engaging in physical workouts, and keeping your body hydrated can help you feel healthier and happier. This way, you will feel re-energized, refreshed, and like your old self.

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