How To Write an Admission Essay To Join University in The USA

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An admission essay is written by a student applicant applying to a college or a university. The best way to write an admission essay is by being truthful and writing something meaningful to you. An admission essay is usually between 400-500 words. 

Before starting to write your essay, ensure you’ve read and understand the rules and guidelines of an admission essay. This will help you stick to the subject and show that you can easily follow instructions. This earns you points for the possibility of being accepted to the university. Some of the rules that may be set for the essay include; word limits, styles for writing like fonts, and font size. In article you will earn how to write an admission essay that can give a USA university entry. However, you can make life easier by hiring an essay writer from Such professional essay writing service help thousands of students in writing perfect essays. 



Start with an exciting and captivating introduction. A good introduction can catch any reader’s attention. Use an attention grabber. It can be a question, a quote, or a statement. It should be good enough to create attention and make the readers of your essay want to continue to read your work.

After using an attention grabber, you could use an anecdote. This small, interesting story will demonstrate to your readers your personality and principles. It should relate to your essay’s main point.

How you relate your short story to the overall goal of your essay is essential. You can achieve this by considering the following ideas;

  • Ensure you explain the importance of your story and the message its delivering
  • Explain how your story and the topic of your essay are connected
  • Illustrate the traits and qualities the anecdote is trying to portray 

Use simple and well-constructed sentences. This will make your introduction sound natural.

The introduction part will determine how the rest of your essay will be. Make sure to mention the main points you will write about in the body. State your thesis and emphasize it. This is what your essay will be based on the whole time.


This part is where you talk about your key points, and they should be arranged neatly in an organized way. This will help avoid confusion for your readers. 

Consider the following while writing up your key points;

  • Understand your prompt before starting your essay. A prompt is an outline or questions the admission officers give to guide you on what to cover in your essay. Read the essay questions carefully to ensure you write the correct thing and try to show what you want to achieve when you get accepted to the university
  • Pick a suitable topic for your essay. You may choose to talk about your passion or hobbies or something that is revealing something personal about your life. Write about something that your admission officers do not already know about you.
  • Base your essay on original ideas. Avoid using ideas that other people have used. Authenticity and your quality of thinking are what the university admission officers will be looking for. This helps boost your essay. Your ideas should be based and reflect on your skills and abilities and show how the course you’ve chosen will help you accomplish your future objectives.
  • Avoid copying and pasting an essay or idea you’ve googled on the Internet. Admission officers can distinguish between original students’ work and copied work from a known source like the Internet. Copied work will most likely lead to your essay being rejected.
  • Focus your ideas on your strengths since you are trying to impress the university. Write about your experiences and your plans.
  • Be honest while writing your essay. Do not say that you are good at something you are not. After being accepted, you may be assigned to engage in a particular university activity that you included in your essay, and you fail to do it because you lied. This will not portray a good picture to the school, and they will see how dishonest you were
  • Use examples to support your ideas and to make your essay look more realistic. You may use some of your personal experiences to explain your points.
  • Keep your essay natural and personal. Start with your most vital main ideas to the last one to avoid losing your reader.
  • Use well grammatically correct words. Ensure the words you use in your essay are easily readable and understandable. Avoid using abbreviations or slang.
  • Avoid using too many words to explain an idea when it’s possible to explain using less than 50 words. It will help you stay within the word limit. Using fewer words helps you at least include everything you planned to write about without leaving out any vital information.
  • Before submitting your essay, proofread your work to ensure that you have no grammatical or spelling mistakes. You may ask someone else to proofread your work because they might see errors you’ve passed by mistakenly. 
  • Read your work out loud. This may help you see mistakes that you didn’t see while proofreading.


Wrap up your conclusion in one paragraph. Come up with something creative to give a good final impression. An excellent strong conclusion is as important as your introduction. Summarize the main objective of your essay to convince your admission officers of your acceptance to the university. Add something original to your conclusion to positively impact your admission officers.

Avoid adding something new that you’ve not discussed in your essay, as this could complicate things, and your essay wouldn’t be organized as it should be.

Restate your thesis statement in your introductory part in the beginning. To restate your thesis, you need to do the following things attentively;

  • Go through and reread your introduction to identify the main objective of your essay.
  • Consider carefully the examples you’ve used to support your ideas throughout the essay.
  • Use phrases to refer to your essay, such as; “as illustrated” or “as mentioned above.”

Establish a personal connection with the reader(s). You can do this by including small detailed information about yourself. This information should help you establish a bond with your reader. Use first-person pronouns to establish a strong connection between you and your admission officers.

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