Senate Passes $280 Billion Industrial Policy Bill, Assault Rifle Makers Collect Over $1 Billion in Last Decade, Biden Tests Negative For Covid

Senate Passes $280 Billion Industrial Policy Bill

The Senate passed today a bipartisan $280 billion bill to build back American’s manufacturing and technological edge, in hopes of countering China and addressing the nation’s geopolitical rivalry with Beijing.

The legislation needs to be considered by the House, but it is expected to pass with some Republican support.

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Assault Rifle Leading Makers Collected Over $1 Billion in Past Decade

As mass shootings continue to surge within the United States, major assault rifle makers have collected over $1 billion in revenue over the past decade, as the companies continue to market the military-grade weapons to young men with some references to white supremacist groups.

Smith & Wesson, Sturm and Ruger & Co’s earnings from assault weapons more than doubled between 2019 and 2021.

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Biden Tests Negative for Covid-19

United States President Joe Biden said that he is “feeling great” Wednesday as he recovers from what his administration called a mild case of COVID-19 and now has tested negative twice. The president will wear a mask for 10 days to prevent the spread of the virus, but he will now return to his normal meetings and duties.

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