5 Things To Do Before Making a Final Offer on a Home

house with for sale sign in front yard

So, you think you’ve found that ideal home, and after a myriad of open-home viewings, questions, and false starts, it’s finally time to get that offer sent over and begin that new chapter of your life. But being diligent in the last few stages of a buyer’s journey is essential if you want to enter that new place with complete confidence. 

Checking out any potential loose ends is an important part of your decision-making process. In fact, “Is Compass Real Estate in trouble” is still a term that’s searched online to this day, despite the business being one of the most popular real estate brokers in the entire United States! 

In other words, there’s nothing wrong with being a little cautious when you’re this far into a potential new purchase. Here are 5 things to do before you decide to put that final offer out there on your dream home. 

Practice your daily work commute 

There’s nothing worse than spending your first night in your brand new home only to set off for work the next morning and discover nothing but delays, gridlock, and stress. Coming home after a long day at work is one of life’s little pleasures, so do a few dry runs to make sure the commute isn’t going to hinder that wonderful feeling. 

Visit the neighborhood at night time 

Most neighborhoods look warm and inviting during the daytime. But to get a clearer picture of the area you’re considering moving into, visiting the street at night can be an eye-opening experience. Listen out for the noise levels you’ll be dealing with. What about safety? Would you be comfortable walking around this neighborhood at night? 

Get a professional to check out the place

Asking for a professional to check the home for any roof leaks or electrical wiring faults can help to alleviate those last-minute jitters. Better yet, if you happen to have a trusted friend or family member who is a qualified electrician, ask them to accompany you to the viewing. Their final stamp of approval could help push the process forward faster. 

Have one last viewing to be absolutely sure 

No one wants to be so cautious that they miss the boat on a house they’ve been hoping to purchase. But it’s important to have that one final walk around to check you’re certain that you’re ready to pursue this piece of real estate. If you’re still feeling good about it afterward, it’s time to get an offer on the table as soon as possible. 

Check how it will affect your five-year plan 

Hopefully, buying a home was part of your five-year plan in the first place. But while this may check off one of the biggest milestones on your list, how will this affect your other plans and goals over the next few years? 

Will your career and family goals be doable from this location, and within the budget you’ve planned out to live there? Buying your home should feel like the starting point of an exciting new part of your life, not a full stop. So make sure your other dreams can be achieved from this place.

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