South Carolina Motor Accidents – The World of Commute in South Carolina

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In this era, where the number of cars we own and drive has become a status symbol and everyone wants in on the action, it’s considered fancy to own fast cars and perform dangerous stunts on them. People take part in such activities on a competitive scale even though none of them are professionals.

Adding to this, the world and its population today is not something we should actively take pride in. A growing population means a larger number of cars on the crowded streets and roads. The population and the pace of how the world operates – have increased an unhealthy amount.

The fast-paced dynamics lead to competition, which leads to everyone being in a rush all the time, which leads to people having traffic rules and safety as an option that they do not have the time to take into consideration.

In fact, car accidents have been proven to be the leading cause of fatal injuries in the United States. Over 38,000 people have died in car accidents in 2020 alone.

With the continuous problem of rising population numbers, the number of miles is also constantly increasing – South Carolina has increased its number of miles driven by 20% in just 16 years alone. The total number of miles driven in South Carolina exceeds a whopping 11 billion miles per year.

The nature of the roads of South Carolina

South Carolina has unforgivable roads. The number of accidents that occur in the state annually is quite jaw-dropping as a lot of them have proven to be fatal and highly injurious.

Statistically, 1 out of 18 licensed drivers in South Carolina had a record of being involved in a car accident. According to statistics, South Carolina was the most deadly state in terms of the United States per 100 million miles traveled – this elaborates to South Carolina having the most deaths in every 100 miles driven by vehicles.

The average rate of people losing their lives per 100 miles was 1.83, which further translates to 1.83 people losing their lives in every 100 miles crossed by a car.

Fatalities in South Carolina

South Carolina faces 20.4 deaths per 100,000 population, leading to having the second largest fatality rate in all of the US.

It is statistically collected that over 1000 people have lost their lives in 2018 alone; this number can be divided amongst all categories of motor vehicles, with cars having the largest portion of involvement by taking away the majority of 65% of accidents – leading to over 160 pedestrians being killed and a total of 141 motorcyclists losing their lives to such accidents in 2018 alone.

45% of fatal accidents involved multiple vehicles. An accident occurs every 3.7 minutes in South Carolina. If you are involved in a car accident, you can contact the people from at any time. These are one of the best in town.

What leads to frequent car accidents in South Carolina?

The reasons behind such tragedies are quite often so simple yet so unexplainable. There are many factors that add up in order to (unfortunately) make South Carolina a state worth one of the most deadly traffics in all of the US combined.

Some of the reasons behind these tragic statistics include drunk driving (this also includes driving under the influence of drugs), driving while performing secondary tasks (distracted driving, drowsy driving, speeding is a major factor, aggressive driving, reckless driving, running red lights, swerving, bad weather, road conditions that are not up to the mark and might cause malfunction, a car that is not fully functional and can lead to problematic solutions whilst driving and so on and so forth. If you encounter such scenario, don’t hesitate to contact a good Dui defense attorney, you may be able to get your possible charges reduced or even dismissed.

The major reason behind collisions in South Carolina

The main reason to be included as the cause of traffic collisions in South Carolina turned out to be the poor conditions of the road, the corroded and uneven – poorly maintained roads.

Is it easy to avoid these tragedies?

In order to eradicate the problem altogether, it is of utmost importance that change is put forth and implemented nationwide.

It is never easy to rid our society of such menaces, but it is entirely necessary that we take the steps required to put tragedies to an end.

A lot of these accidents can be avoided by taking a few precautionary measures on a daily basis, assigning a designated driver instead of driving whilst drunk could save a lot of lives and injuries, and driving under the influence of any drug should be completely avoided at any cost (it does not have to be a proper hard drug in order for it to be avoided). All drugs should be avoided.

Texting and driving take up a huge part of your attention and vision, so it is absolutely mandatory that it must be avoided. Rash driving is also one of the leading causes of the most deathly collisions; in order to avoid it, staying punctual and not leaving it a hassle can be considered.

Driving at times when the risk is higher should be avoided, for example: driving in the rain or too much wind. Car malfunctions can also prove to be of grave danger, so it is advised to get your car checked every once in a while.

Getting properly functioning headlights is also important in order to avoid accidents as they prevent the vision from misinterpreting obstacles. Using your blinker is also mandatory in order to protect yourself and other people.

Teenage Driving

Teenage driving is one of the top causes of car collisions and also causes the most serious injuries and even fatalities. This can be avoided altogether if parents ensure that their teens are getting proper knowledge about safe driving and acting on it too.

This will also avoid driving while distracted as it will encourage teens not to text and drive, instead pull over and then pay attention to anything else.

The aftermath of an accident

After the accident and its healing process, it is of extreme importance to contact an attorney and start the process of justice and compensation.

With a successful Summerville car accident trial, you can be compensated for: medical bills, incidental expenses, lost wages, repair costs, pain, and suffering.

A successful trial requires ample proof, for example, eyewitnesses, photos and videos, police accident reports, medical records, and expert witnesses.

After all of this is taken into consideration and the culprit is prosecuted, the lawyers make sure that all necessary action is taken accordingly and that their client does not have to deal with any more disturbances after already going through the trauma of the accident. With the efforts of the attorney, the culprit must be charged and the victim compensated.

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