Senate Passes Inflation Reduction Act; Ahmaud Arbery Killer Gets 2nd Life Sentence; Trump-Backed Candidate Involved in Vote Machine Tampering

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Senate Passes Inflation Reduction Act

In a weekend vote-a-rama, the US Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act, a $430 billion climate change, healthcare, and tax bill. Though the bill is a dramatically reduced version of the Biden administration’s original legislative package, most media outlets are touting this as a huge win for the President.

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Ahmaud Arbery Killer Gets 2nd Life Sentence

Travis McMichael, the man who shot Ahmaud Arbery received a second life sentence from U.S. District Court Judge Lisa Godbey Wood for a federal hate crime.

“And it’s not lost on the court that it was the kind of trial that Ahmaud Arbery did not receive before he was shot and killed,” the judge said.

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Trump-Backed Candidate Participated in Voter Machine Tampering Plot

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel is calling for a special prosecutor after discovering that her challenger, Trump-backed candidate Matthew DePerno, was involved in a plot to seize and tamper with voting machines during the 2020 election. The discovery was made after a months-long investigation into a series of voting-machine breaches that took place last year.

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