Top 5 Countries Where Cannabis is a Normal Thing

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Marijuana is well known for both its medicinal and recreational benefits. Most states legalize the therapeutic use of weed, while others allow for recreational and medicinal use. In some states, users cannot freely light up after buying from a dispensary in Los Angeles. There is still a significant possibility for legal actions.

But did you know there are countries whose use and possession of marijuana are pretty free. These countries are ideal spots for weed vacations because there are no legal restrictions on using or carrying specific amounts of marijuana. 

The following are five of the best countries for users to take strolls outside with their weed without risking arrest.


Imagine a weed coffee shop nestled between two ordinary-looking businesses, and you can smoke while inside. In countries where weed is legal such as the Netherlands, you can recreationally use weed at any of these establishments.

In the Netherlands, Marijuana coffee shops are a norm, and you will be right with the law as long as you partake while at the cafes. They readily advertise themselves and offer a range of other services. They have pool tables, a bar, a cafe, and juice bars. All these are available for users from anywhere without the use of cards. 

The only thing worth noting is that carrying weed outside these shops is illegal in the country. You can use as much as you want inside, but the restriction is on ferrying weed out of the shops. 


Canadians not only allow you to carry a given amount of weed around but also motivate a green thumb. Canada’s weed regulations allow anyone aged 18 years and above to carry and use weed for recreation. 

For the specific amount, at any given point in Canada, you are only to have 30grams of the product or below. Exceeding past the 30-gram limit is illegal. On the growing part, there is also a restriction. Any user can only plant four marijuana plants. They cannot go past this.

Overall, Canada is among the top weed-friendly countries people visit. There imposed restrictions touches on sources of weed. You have to buy your products from a licensed retailing company. 


Jamaica and weed may be synonymous, but it was not always so. It was only in 2015 that marijuana use in the country was decriminalized. Now, users can take the drug for religious and medicinal purposes. 

With that in mind, users can light up anywhere in the country. Another fantastic quality about Jamaica is that you can carry as much weed as you want. 

Costa Rica

While curating this list, we focused on the question: What countries is weed legal? This didn’t bar us from the more important question, where is weed use regularly? Costa Rica satisfies both by offering legal parameters of weed with use that has become quite common. 

On the beaches and streets of Costa Rica, you can light up and smoke your marijuana at any time. There is no restriction or societal bias to using. The only limitation is not to sell the product. 


Colombia’s marijuana laws earn them the green thumb support medal. Though they are strict with marijuana sales, they are open to growing. One specific farmer can have up to 20 plants they can share with friends. 

On top of that, marijuana possession was recently decriminalized. People can carry up to 20 grams of weed around. 

Things to Gauge Before Visiting

Most countries listed above have some form of reprieve that users can enjoy. Within these countries, there are essential aspects you need to consider. Before settling for a weed vacation destination, you can look at:

Regulations on Possession

The legal impositions seen above reflect the laws of each country. It is better to visit a country knowing if you can walk around with specific amounts of weed or not. 

Attitude for Outside Use

While some countries legalize the use of cannabis at home and in hotels, some strictly restrict outside use. If you intend to smoke on runs and walks, you may need to avoid those. 

Carrying Limits

On top of possession laws, some countries mention how much weed one can carry at any point. You need to be aware of the same to avoid run-ins with law enforcement.

Sale and Purchase Laws

Can you buy weed from a local vendor? Do you need a card to buy from a dispensary? The countries discussed above have rules on where to buy or whether you can buy. You will need to know the details for the specific country you choose. 

Happy Exploring

For decades weed use in foreign countries has been shrouded with fear and sometimes stigma. Our list collects the top five countries where these are all past news. Currently, they have grown more favorable towards weed use. 

In some of these countries, you can sit outside and smoke one up without legal implications. Also, some of these spots are vacation destinations. This means beaches, breezy and tropical climates, and an abundance of your favorite recreational herb, weed. 

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