Liz Cheney Loses Her Seat; CDC to Restructure After Pandemic Failures; Farmers Destroy Crops, Sell Herds Due to Drought

Liz Cheney Loses Her Seat

After losing her congressional seat in a resounding defeat, Republican Liz Cheney may be setting her sights on the presidency.

“I will be doing whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office,” Cheney said on Wednesday, adding that running for president “is something I’m thinking about and I’ll make a decision in the coming months.”

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CDC to Restructure After Pandemic Failures

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky informed senior leadership on Wednesday that she plans to restructure the agency in a bid to increase public confidence. “My goal is a new, public health action-oriented culture at CDC that emphasizes accountability, collaboration, communication, and timeliness.?” Walensky said in a statement on Wednesday.

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Farmers Destroy Crops, Sell Herds Due to Drought

Farmers are plowing under crops and selling off their herds as a punishing drought has led to water shortages across the US. According to a survey by the American Farm Bureau Federation, 37% of farmers said they are plowing through and killing existing crops due to drought conditions – up from last year’s 24%. In addition, Texas farmers reported a 50% reduction in herd size, followed by New Mexico at a 43% reduction, and Oregon at a 41% reduction.

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