How To Choose Silver Promise Rings For Her

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More recently, it has become a tradition among couples in love to exchange paired rings, and also among men to give their beloved women a silver promise ring.

Although, when you think about it, the new trend is not so new, as our ancestors had a custom of giving jewellery as a sign of their love and fidelity.


The tradition of giving rings has been around for a long time and goes back centuries. It is impossible to trace the formation of the symbolism and origin of the promise ring in its modern sense. But already in ancient Greece rings were worn as a symbol of remembrance and in Ancient Rome lovers gave rings to each other as a promise of love. We can assume that this tradition later split into the modern tradition of promise and engagement rings.

Since the early 18th century lovers have given each other ‘poesy rings. They were engraved with promises, poems or important words addressed to the wearer. The modern term ‘promise ring’ came into use in the 1970s to describe a pre-wedding ring. In today’s world, these rings are given by lovers and friends alike. For a couple, it’s a way of showing the seriousness of their intentions, while for friends it’s a way of underlining the importance of their friendship and strengthening it.

Pair rings

Matching silver love rings can be bought as a gift for two people, to show that they have the same feeling for each other.

Dainty silver promise rings can be bought by both boys and girls. They don’t have to be presented as a gift for an engagement or wedding, they can be a romantic surprise for a birthday, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, or for no reason at all.

Female bezels are usually thinner than male bezels. For example, Ivana Berendika has introduced Arme De L’Amour rings with a very thin model for a woman and a very wide one for a man. There can also be jewels with an identical design and width but different colours, like Carrera Y Carrera’s Promesa series, decorated with a volumetric carving of a kissing couple.

There are also pieces in which the bezels when joined together, create a single pattern: a heart, the wings of an angel or any other symbol. Another new trend is models in which one edge is smooth and the other is embossed. If the reliefs are merged, they merge into one.

Jewels engraved with names, symbols, dates or the inscription “Love,” like Cartier, are a classic option. For the lovers of original accessories, products with absolutely different decorations, but made in the same style, are the right choice. For those who don’t want to give such personalized gifts, unisex pieces with no overtly romantic motifs are a perfect choice. These are available from Tamir Zuman and Den’o.

Silver promise rings

If a young man has not yet matured to a marriage proposal but wants to show his beloved the seriousness of his intentions, he can give her a silver promise ring. The ring is usually placed on the left hand, closer to the heart and on which finger. The silver ring can take the form of a wedding ring and also be more original and symbolic.

Finding such a model is not too difficult, because many jewellery brands create entire collections of “love” jewellery. For instance, Chaumet offers pieces with crosses and knots symbolising a strong bond, Tiffany&Co – with hearts and infinity signs, symbols of eternal love, and Wendy Brandes – gold swan rings.

A pledge silver ring is a great way to show that you care about the person, whether it’s a family member, friend or loved one.

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