How To Draw More Traffic on Your Website: 7 Tips

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Are you a digital marketer continuously thinking about how to increase traffic to the business website? Or maybe you head a small business looking to increase the number of customers, which means increasing organic traffic to their site but are clueless about how to accomplish this? Yes? Then you are not alone because most marketers and startup owners worry about increasing their customers and sales number through their website traffic. Why? Because your website is the first form of interaction between you and your clients. Thus, if the website traffic increases, your business will grow more.

So, how can you increase your website traffic in the 21st century? With a combination of content, social media, and SEO marketing. Here are a few effective tips for you to implement to get more traffic to your website.

Create a blog- content marketing

A blog is necessary for your business to generate high ranking, traffic, and backlinks for their website. The blog is an impeccable content marketing strategy that allows you to publish useful content to attract more users. When you write long-form content providing value to your readers, it reflects in the numbers. For instance:

  • Companies with a blog get 97% more links
  • Businesses with a blog get around 57% more traffic for their websites. 

Have a targeted landing page for your visitors

Directing website visitors to a landing page will benefit your business more as it engages them with your business. Thus, create a dedicated landing page by collecting audience data highlighting the visitors’ priorities. 

 Use guest posts to attract backlinks and traffic.

 Writing a guest post and asking bloggers to publish content for your website is an impeccable way to attract customers, traffic, and ranking. When you write a guest post or hire guest posting services to write guest blogs for you, the benefits include:

  • Building relationships with other bloggers and businesses
  • Getting backlinks
  • Getting referral traffic

When you ask writers to submit guest posts, benefits include:

  • Exposure of content with a network of their own gets you more traffic and customers
  • You get a variety of high-quality content on their website.

Use keywords

The best way to increase traffic to your website organically is to use relevant keywords throughout your website content. Keywords are simple words or short phrases our audience uses to search for a business. You can find multiple tools to find keywords, and instead of focusing only on keywords with high density, focus on long-tail keywords. They are easier for ranking your content and bringing in more relevant traffic.

Keyword usage is an on-page SEO technique, and to optimize the content, place your keywords in:

  • Title or meta tag
  • H2 headings
  • H1 headings
  • Meta description
  • First 100 words of any content

Post videos on LinkedIn

Do you feel perplexed about using LinkedIn to increase website traffic? Then don’t! LinkedIn has seen impressive growth, and you can use it for more than just building your professional portfolio. People listen when you share a video on your LinkedIn or talk about a blog because videos are engaging. It will get more engagement, and individuals who find it valuable will check the content on your website, thus, increasing traffic.

Internally Linking is necessary.

 Another SEO technique for boosting website traffic is to link internally. That means whenever you write content, don’t forget to add two to three links on your site to that page. It helps in three ways:

  • Increases traffic to those particular pages
  • Increases visitors’ time on your page and encourages them to see multiple new pages.
  • Allows them to drive more value from your business website.

The above three things help to increase traffic, ranking, and engagement for your website.

 Promote the website on social media

Having an impeccable website with mind-blowing content should be enough. Right? Unfortunately, no! A business needs to promote its website and content on social media because that’s how you get referral traffic to grow your business. This means:

  • Using the current social media platform as your audience and posting often
  • Using Hashtags
  • Having a social share button on your website

Lastly, audit your work to ensure your strategies are working and garner results. If not, it’s time to shake things up or work with an expert.

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