Buying Jewelry Right: Types, Materials, Price


Jewelry has been worn from ancient times primarily as a symbol of luxury, high status, or charm. However, now the world has come far away, making jewelry a must accessory for every human. It won’t be wrong to say, ‘No look is complete without complementing jewels!’ 

Jewelry has crossed the gender bounds, and now both men and women are equally styling dazzling jewelry pieces to glam up their looks. Moreover, it has become a definition of your style sense. Whether you like simple, decent pieces or elegant ones, they never fail to make your vibes impressive. 

Here is a complete guide on buying jewelry. It describes everything from ‘what jewelry types you can have, ‘what materials are most jewelry pieces made of, and ‘what factors to consider when determining the price of jewelry pieces. 

Jewelry Types

Jewelry types range from chains, necklaces, earrings, and rings to bracelets, bangles, anklets, piercings, and the list goes on with multiple additions. Here are some commonly worn jewelry pieces that are a must for styling a glamorous show-stopper look.


Earrings are the most popular types of jewelry pieces. They come in different styles, including hoop earrings, studs, pearl earrings, teardrop, chandelier, etc., along with the new in-trend mismatched earrings. Whatever the type of earrings you wear, a simple pearl stud or a stylish teardrop or chandelier earrings, they will never fail to make you look chic.

Chains and Necklaces

When it comes to chains and necklaces, variety knows no bounds! You have Cuban link chains, rope chains, pendants, chokers, lockets, and many more options. Rope chains are mainly related to hip-hop culture.

Surprisingly, the first ever worn jewelry is expected to be a simple necklace made with five bones, dating back around 25,000 years.


Bracelets, the symbols of power and status, are worn by both men and women. Men’s bracelets range from alluring diamond tennis bracelets to simple beaded bracelets. On the other hand, women’s bracelets, bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets, gemstone bracelets, etc. These are indeed perfect accessories to charm up your look!


Rings have been considered a symbol of love and commitment for so long, probably from Egyptian times. There are several types of rings available out there, including gold rings, diamond rings, silver rings, etc. Customizing rings with unique engraving is also a great idea to impress your spouse! In addition, you can also buy spinner rings online that can help you focus and reduce anxiety.

When exploring unique jewelry options, you can order Celtic rings for men, adding a touch of Celtic elegance to your collection. These intricately designed pieces offer a timeless appeal that goes beyond trends and can be a meaningful addition to your jewelry assortment.

What Materials Make the Best Jewelry Pieces? 

Here are some of the popular materials that are mostly used in jewelry pieces. 


Gold jewelry is one thing that finds its roots back in 4000 B.C. Gold is valued for its versatility and beauty, making it a perfect setting for most jewelry pieces. You can choose from different colors; yellow and rose gold to white and green. 

Where gold Cuban link chains are a symbol of wealth and luxury, gold rope chains are jewelry pieces exclusively related to hip-hop culture. 


Diamond jewelry is the most expensive one! It mainly symbolizes affection, strength, and health. Diamond comes in several colors; white, blue, black, brown, etc., and so is diamond jewelry! You can go with a beautifully cut bigger diamond crowning your rings, earrings, bracelets, etc., or multiple smaller ones making your jewelry piece worth drooling over.


Silver jewels are considered exceptional for their resistance to oxidation and blazing white color. Wondering why to buy silver jewelry? Its affordability, versatility, durability, and hypoallergenic characteristics make it one of the best choices to go with! Moreover, sterling silver makes the best alternative to gold. That’s what makes silver a perfect element for pairing with diamonds.


Platinum, the king of metals, is the one and only precious metal used in jewelry designs with 95% purity. Besides its elegant appearance and durability, this durable metal also makes fade-free jewels that require less maintenance. However, a platinum ring must be your first choice if you want to gift your spouse something extremely special or unique!

How to Determine the Price of Jewels? 

Here are some factors that play a key role in determining the price of the jewelry piece you plan to buy. Let’s have a look at them!

Carat or Karat Weight

When buying gold or diamond, you must consider carat or karat weight. If you are in love with a design that comes up to be out of your range, you can ask your jeweler to decrease the carat/karat weight. This will significantly lower the price. However, the ideal carat weight for a diamond ring is 0.70-oct, and the ideal karat weights for gold jewels are 14K and 18K.

The Complexity of the Design and Gemstones

The complexity of design reflects the hard work of the jeweler. If you want to buy a more delicate and complex jewelry design, you should be ready to pay a handsome amount. Moreover, adding a gemstone to your jewelry piece, like a diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, etc., the price will surely hype up. 

Where to Find the Best Jewelry Pieces for Men and Women?

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Jewelry is something that both men and women rely on to create a stunning and impressive look. In this article, we have described everything that you should know about jewelry types, materials, and price determination. If you plan to buy any jewelry piece, you will surely find this article helpful. 

Whatever jewelry piece you want to buy, either for yourself or for gifting your loved ones, you will find the best of them at ItsHot! It’s a fantastic jewelry store with a stunning jewelry range to choose from. 

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