Don’t Bet On A Retail Sportsbook Opening in Caesars Superdome Anytime Soon

New Orleans' Superdome

Ever since PASPA was overturned back in 2018, legal sports betting has been on a rapid rise in popularity in the US. 

In fact, there are now 31 US states + D.C. that allow legal sports betting in one form or another (online and/or retail), with Louisiana being one of those states. 

Ever since Caesars Entertainment purchased the naming rights for what was formerly known as the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, many Louisianians have been left wondering whether or not an in-stadium Caesars Sportsbook retail betting location would come with the stadium’s new name. With so many professional sports teams’ stadiums now hosting in-person retail sportsbook locations, such as Chase Field’s Caesars Sportsbook location and State Farm Stadium’s BetMGM retail sportsbook, it seems only natural that Caesars Superdome would play host to a Caesars Sportsbook retail location. However, there has yet to be an announcement of the opening of a Caesars Sportsbook location in the Saint’s stadium, and for two crucial reasons it will be a long time – if ever – until that happens. 

Proximity to Harrah’s New Orleans

Caesars Sportsbook, which happens to be one of the best online gambling operators in the US according to the online gambling experts at, already operates an in-person retail sportsbook at Harrah’s New Orleans, a mere few blocks down the street from Caesars Superdome. 

Given the fact that there is a Caesars Sportsbook retail location only 20 minutes away by foot, it is highly unlikely that Caesars Sportsbook will invest more funds into constructing and operating a new retail betting location that would essentially be competing with itself within a 10-block radius. 

In addition to already offering a retail location within a stone’s throw from the Caesars Superdome, sports bettors in New Orleans can also use the Caesars Sportsbook app to wager remotely from their mobile devices from anywhere in the parish.

Even if the practical issue of there already being a retail betting location nearby was irrelevant, there is another key reason why a retail betting location at Caesars Superdome is extremely unlikely to open anytime soon.

The NFL Takes a Stance to Promote Responsible Gambling

The NFL has announced, rather shockingly, that there will be a limitation and outright prohibition on any in-person retail betting within NFL stadiums on game days, per league rules. Fans attending a game, on the other hand, will be able to place wagers remotely with their mobile devices without ever leaving their seats.

This means that even if Caesars Sportsbook did construct a retail sportsbook within Caesars Superdome, it would be prohibited from operating on gameday, when spectators would be there and eager to bet.

Because of this regulation, a retail betting outlet within Caesars Superdome is nearly worthless to both the Caesars brand and the fans.

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