Servant Leader Syrita Steib Will Bring New Progressive Ideas to U.S. Senate

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U.S. Senate candidate Syrita Steib says that Americans are tiring of the GOP and Republican elected officials like her opponent U.S. Senator John Kennedy and Congressman Steve Scalise because of what happened on January 6, 2020 and their brazen, race-baiting response. “The things they are saying about liberties and freedoms being taken away are scaring folks. They are reinforcing an untrue narrative. Republican leaders like Kennedy and Scalise are the most dangerous people on the planet,” Steib said. She believes that Kennedy’s recent “crackhead” commercial energized a base of people who had not been paying attention to the race prior to that commercial. Steib is working hard to capture those voters. 

A proud Progressive, Steib thinks that some people try to paint the “P” word as a bad term or give it a negative connotation. “What we (Progressives) talk about, we know to be the right thing. Progressives want to move society forward. How can that be bad?”

A native of the River Parishes, Steib started the non-profit Operation Restoration in 2016 to help provide resources like housing, job training, and employment opportunities specifically for women who had been formerly incarcerated. Steib herself spent ten years in prison starting at age 19. When she returned home, Steib realized that re-entry resources were not available for women. 

Steib emerged as a community activist and dedicated herself to passing meaningful legislation at the state and federal level to serve the public interest. “I have been working in the legislative arena for the last four years and have helped pass 17 pieces of legislation,” Steib explained. Those legislative accomplishments include Act 276 of 2017 which prohibits public post-secondary institutions from asking questions relating to criminal history for purposes of admissions. Governor John Bel Edwards appointed Steib to the Louisiana Justice Reinvestment oversight council. She is also vice-chair of the Louisiana Task Force on Women’s Incarceration.   

Steib began thinking about running for office after a legislator who had committed to sponsoring an important bill “changed his mind” because it would have “cost him” in his personal business. “But the bill was important to the community,” she continued. At that moment Steib began envisioning herself as the person on “the inside” and giving back for people to be able to change their own lives. The best way to change the legislative process is from the inside.”  

Steib claims to be the only person in the race who has the experience and relationships at the federal level to be ready on “Day One” to move full speed ahead. Steib calls herself a “collaborator” who through community collaboration is willing to find solutions for every problem that exists. “Every day I am out there talking to folk, understanding their needs. I will bring the spirit of collaboration to the U.S. Senate so that I can better serve constituents,” she continued. Other issues she hopes to focus on include infrastructure, education, the rights of women, and energy. 

Steib is confident that the Democrats will remain in control of Congress after the November 2022 mid-term elections. “I think we Democrats have a base and have been making a very strong push nationwide ensuring we offered some good candidates. It will be really exciting to remain in control of House of Representatives.” Steib believes that control of the U.S. Senate is tricky. “I want to believe we will be able to accomplishment some important initiatives in the Senate but Democrats have to win several key races for our party to be able to do anything.” Steib feels that the outcome of Senate races in six key districts could be “real game changers.”

Steib has prioritized reproductive rights at the top of her agenda. “Our reproductive rights are under attack from the right. Choice has been removed from the hands of the people,” Steib explained. To avoid having to have the same conversation about reproductive rights “every 20 years.” Steib advocates striking “the offensive language in the foundation documents created by the framers that have allowed these atrocities to continue.” She also believes that the ability to filibuster should be eliminated.  

On the economic front, Steib supports moving to a dual energy economy in which Louisiana “exports more than we import. We have some of the best soil in the country. We should be leading in Agriculture and Agricultural production.”  

Steib is also interested in overhauling America’s education system which she calls “the root of a lot of the issues we have including crime, poverty and poor health indicators. I know nobody would work harder making sure we become leaders in the South in many areas where we are currently the laughing stock.”

Early voting begins October 25 and continues through November 1. Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. 

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