Eucalyptus Oil for Hair Care – Uses and Its Side Effects

Tired of using chemical laden shampoo and products for hair care? Are you still confused whether these products damage the hair and scalp in the long run? Well, you are not wrong. Chemicals damage the hair, and what is the solution to reverse this damage; that’s right, more chemicals to treat the damage. It’s about time you switch to organic products for skin and hair care. It’s time to blend naturally extracted essential oils with cold pressed carrier oils and use it on the scalp and hair. And the essential oil that’s the bedrock of this article is eucalyptus. The benefits of eucalyptus oil for hair are from the active ingredients from the eucalyptus tree.

What is eucalyptus essential oil?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts. Eucalyptus essential oils are the concentrated oil extracted from the eucalyptus tree, botanically called Eucalyptus globules. It is also called the blue gum. The leaves and twigs of the tree are steam distilled to extract the oil, which comprises the therapeutic compounds from the plants. These oils are aromatic in nature and have many benefits. People buy eucalyptus oil to treat several ailments including mental illness, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and even sexual dysfunction.

Benefits and Uses Of Eucalyptus Oil For Hair

The essential oil of eucalyptus oil has many medicinal properties that are highly beneficial for the hair and scalp. Check out some of the benefits that this oil can do for hair health.

Eucalyptus Oil Stimulates Blood Circulation and Hair Growth

When the oil is mixed with any carrier oil and massaged on the scalp, it feels like it has heated up. This is because of the warm blood flow caused by the oil. It hence acts as a stimulant that causes blood to flow in the region that it is applied. Better blood flow brings with it good oxygenated blood and nutrients that improves hair health. Along with the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil which soothes the scalp, these actions promote hair growth. The scalp massage has to be thorough for the oil to get absorbed into the scalp and the blood to flow into the hair roots. To boost blood circulation the massage must be in circular motion. This oil also gives rise to thicker hair.

Treating Dandruff With Eucalyptus Oil

The oil of eucalyptus has antifungal and antibacterial properties which make this oil potent in treating and eliminating dandruff and even certain scalp infections. The anti-inflammatory and cooling effect of the oil has a soothing effect on the scalp thus lowering itching, redness and rashes. The aroma of the oils also eliminates foul smell from the scalp. Blend three drops of eucalyptus oil with one and a half tablespoons of carrier oil and apply it thoroughly on the scalp and the hair. Leave it on the hair for an hour and wash it off with a mild anti-dandruff oil.

Get Hair Shine With Oil Of Eucalyptus

Using eucalyptus oil regularly will give the hair its shine back. The shine and texture of the hair damaged due to age and environmental factors can be reversed (in some cases) with the use of the oil. Studies have proven that using eucalyptus on the scalp starts the production of ceramides, which are lipids / fats on the skin cells. These ceramides are responsible for the hair’s shine and bounce.

Essential Oil To Kill Lice

Lice are troublesome; lice are embarrassing. The antifungal, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of eucalyptus make it effective in getting rid of lice. The blend of eucalyptus oil and rosehip oil is ideal for tackling lice problems. The therapeutic properties and strong aroma drives out the pests.

An Oil For Oily Scalp

The oil of eucalyptus constricts the pores due to its astringent properties and regulates the secretion of sebum. When the scalp is oily it accumulates dust and toxins and may cause scalp infections.

Essential For Treating Piedra

Have you ever seen whitish nodules on the hair shaft? It is an infection called piedra. It is also found in facial hair, but is more prominent on the scalp. A study has found eucalyptus oil to be effective against the fungus that causes piedra.

Reverse Grey Hair With Eucalyptus Oil

Premature hair greying is a norm, especially in urban regions. The environment, hectic lifestyle and over reliance on chemical products are all culprits in hair greying. The damage due to the environment and chemicals in hair products are neutralized by the antioxidant properties of eucalyptus compounds. The anti-inflammatory properties soothes the skin thus helping it fight back efficiently. The oil also helps with hair elasticity and prevents hair damage and split ends.

How To Apply Eucalyptus Essential Oil To Hair?

The steam distilled oil of eucalyptus plants is good for the scalp and hair, but it should never be applied directly on the skin. Since it is concentrated, it may harm the skin. Hence it must be diluted sufficiently. It can be added to carrier oils or hair masks for dilution. Here are the steps or ways to apply eucalyptus essential oil for hair.

  •         Pick your carrier oil. It can be coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil or any other.
  •         Take two tablespoons of the carrier oil and heat it; hot enough for application on the scalp. (This step is optional as some people prefer cold oils.)
  •         To this oil, mix two to four drops of eucalyptus essential oil and mix the two oils.
  •         Pour the oil to the scalp evenly and using your fingers and start massaging the scalp in circular motion.
  •         Continue the massage for at least 15 minutes.
  •         There are special combs available in the market to massage the oil and spread it evenly in the hair.
  •         Let the oil settle on the hair and scalp; allow it to sit for one hour.
  •         Use a mild shampoo (hair growth or anti-dandruff) to clean the hair.
  •         Use eucalyptus oil on the scalp twice a week.

Side Effects and Precautions While Using Eucalyptus Oil For Hair

The side effects of eucalyptus are mostly encountered by those who do not follow the instructions on the label. If the oil is applied without dilution it can cause redness and itching on the skin. However, when it is mixed with carrier oils, no side effects are seen. Always do a small patch test to ascertain that the oil is safe for your skin type. There are some precautions one should follow:

  •         Pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult their doctor before using the oil.
  •         Those with asthma must avoid this oil.
  •         It should be kept away from the reach of children and pets.

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