NY Post Hacked, Again; Rapper Ye’s Obsession with Hitler; Unprecedented Demand Crashes Treasury Website

A public tweet posted by a rogue employee at the New York Post. The employee was fired, and posts have been removed.

NY Post Hacked, Again

A rogue employee who used the New York Post website and Twitter account to post racist, violent, and sexist headlines has been fired, the publication says. Tweets and headlines targeted politicians, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Joe Biden, unionized teachers, and more.

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Rapper Ye’s Obsession with Hitler

According to a CNN report on Thursday, several sources close to Ye (formerly Kanye West) have said the rapper has a fascination with WWII-era dictator Hitler, and even wanted to name an album after him. Ye was recently banned from Twitter and has had several business relationships sever after he made antisemitic remarks on the platform.

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Unprecedented Demand Crashes Treasury Website

A government website selling US Series I savings bonds crashed this week under unprecedented demand driven by investors hoping to lock in the current 9.62% rate.

“We cannot guarantee that your bond purchase will be completed before this deadline if your account or purchase requires additional customer support for issues such as identity verification,” the site warned customers before crashing on Thursday.

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