Why You Should Get Prescription Sunglasses

If you wear prescription glasses, then you probably know the struggle when it comes to summer. Either you need to wear contact lenses, or you try to awkwardly wear your sunglasses over the top of your glasses. But there is a much simpler, easier, and more stylish-looking option. Just get yourself the right prescription sunglasses. But if you need convincing, here are the top reasons why you should get prescription sunglasses.

To protect your eyes

Sunglasses block harmful ultraviolet rays and other forms of radiation emitted by the sun – as long as you get 100% UV-blocking shades for maximum protection. You should always own (and use) at least one pair of high-quality sunglasses regardless of whether you wear prescription lenses or not. Wearing eye protection is essential when the sun is shining but even when it is overcast, ultraviolet light is still a threat to your eye health because as much as 90% of the sun’s rays can penetrate through the clouds.

No more wearing sunglasses over your glasses

When you are rushing around or just running errands it can be tempting to just throw on a pair of sunglasses over your regular glasses but not only does this look silly, it can be very impractical. One occasion in which sunglass can be crucial is whilst you are driving and struggling to keep two pairs of glasses on your face at once whilst also driving in bright sunshine is far from safe. Prescription sunglasses mean you can sport one pair of eyewear at a time and stay fashionable whilst doing it. 

If you want an active alternative

You may like to sport some fashionable frames to go with your outfit, but they are not the most practical when it comes to your morning jog or playing tennis with your friends. Investing in a pair of impact-resistant performance sports sunglasses can help to add comfort and protection to your regular exercise or physical activity.

If you are near-sighted and wear glasses only sparingly

If you are near-sighted and have trouble seeing objects in the distance then you may not need to wear glasses whilst reading, working, or doing chores around the house. So, if you predominantly wear your glasses when outdoors or driving then prescription sunglasses are a perfect fit for you. You will probably find that you wear your prescription sunglasses far more than your standard lenses.

Less contact lens days

Even if you predominantly wear contact lenses, you can benefit from prescription sunglasses. Wearing contacts all day, every day is not good for your eye health, and you would benefit from having as many “days off” as you can in order to give your eyes a break. Getting a pair of prescription sunglasses means you can ditch the contact lenses for the day but still have sufficient sun protection.

Are clip-on shades not your thing?

Clip-on sunglasses can be a great solution but more often than not they just do not fit right – they are clunky and frustrating and still leave your eyes somewhat exposed to sunlight. They are also a very difficult fashion piece to pull off.

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