Clerk of Criminal District Court Darren P. Lombard Prepares for Elections

Source: Danae Columbus

With the mid-term elections right around the corner, Criminal Court Clerk Darren Lombard, also the parish’s chief elections officer, is busy preparing for the November 8 elections. Recruiting and training poll commissioners is currently one of the most important tasks. Lombard addressed an orientation session for individuals who had previously served as commissioners Saturday, October 29 at Xavier University.  

“As commissioners, you take an oath to ensure our elections are conducted fairly and honestly. By doing so, you play a vital role in the election process,” Lombard told attendees. “You are the frontline at the polling locations and make certain voters are prepared to cast their vote at the proper precinct as required by law.”

Lombard said he would continue the quality of services the voters of Orleans Parish have come to expect on Election Day. “I am proud of the hard work the Election Division staff has always done to guarantee first class elections. I make a commitment to continue that tradition with honor. Orleans Parish has the sixth lowest number of election complaints in the State of Louisiana out of all 64 parishes. We will work hard to that every voter has stress-free experience at the polls on Election Day.”

Clerk Lombard’s offices hires 1200 poll commissioners to work on election days – this year November 9 and December 10. “We still need additional workers to fill our roster for this year and for future elections,” Lombard explained. Commissioners are paid $200 per day and must complete a 1-2 hour training. Commissioners are expected to work a minimum of 12 hours at a time. Being a commissioner is a great part-time job for a retiree or someone who is interested in supplementing their income. To qualify for the position, an individual must also be at least 17 years of age and be a registered voter in Orleans Parish. 

To apply or for more information call Jeanine Aubry at (504) 658-9172 /  or Betsy Stoner (504) 658-8730 / Additional information is also available on the clerk’s website: Poll Commissioners / Clerk of Criminal Court / Orleans Parish (   

Source: Danae Columbus

Lombard’s office is also involved in many other preparations in advance of the election including readying polling locations. “We work with dozens of churches, schools and community centers across New Orleans to host the polling location in the neighborhoods. There are always changes in location every election due to construction or maintenance problems,” Lombard explained. For this election, Lombard has provided a current list of all polling locations citywide here. “Any questions voters might have as to where they vote can be answered by contacting my office at (504) 658-9000. 

Lombard is also working with the Secretary of State to prepare and transport hundreds of voting machines. “Throughout the year, the machines are stored at the Voting Machine Warehouse on Chef Menteur Highway. This week each machine will be opened and checked to make sure it is operating properly. The machines will also be loaded with the current election information and will be placed in a specific order for delivery to the various polling locations around the city. “A tremendous amount of advance work goes into the preparation of every election. We take great pride in our ongoing service to the public,” Lombard concluded. 

Lombard’s office will be open on Election Day to answer questions voters might have – including where they should vote – or to report problems they might have encountered during the voting process.     

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